Nanchang County procuratorate takes multiple measures to do a good job of community correction procuratorial supervision

2022-06-18 0 By

Nanchang County Procuratorate has constantly updated its judicial concept and continuously improved the legal supervision of community correction through four aspects, such as improving supervision methods and implementing classified management.It is reported, the hospital actively contact the local judicial bureau and the administer the judicial offices, a correction of the judicial offices set up files, to carry out activities on the procuratorial, correction of incomplete file, not timely circumstance timely opinion suggestion, urge the relevant units in a timely manner to correct illegal, to promote community correction work orderly.For key personnel and important control points, the hospital takes hierarchical management as its foothold, and applies correction according to people.It has made clear that newly admitted correctional personnel and subjects under strict supervision are the focus of supervision and safety work. The joint institute of Justice has made “four ones” for correctional personnel newly sentenced by the court and released from prison, namely, it has informed the Notice to Community Prisoners that they should abide by the provisions and requirements at one time, have a lecture talk and visit their families once.Develop a personality correction program tailored to their characteristics and actual situation.Since last year, relevant work has been carried out for correction personnel, and the completion rate is 100%.At the same time, with the help of the implementation subsystem of the unified business system, the hospital has set up the prosecution files of criminals executed outside prison for the community correction personnel within the jurisdiction, and all the criminals executed outside prison within the jurisdiction have been recorded.Strengthen the close cooperation with the Bureau of Justice and the Institute of Justice, realize the dynamic data sharing of community correction work, timely find out the base number of the objects of social correction, file according to different situations, effectively reduce the rate of disconnection and leakage of pipes, and improve the quality and efficiency of work.Check relevant information of community correction objects with justice Bureau every month to effectively master the whereabouts of community prisoners.(Zhang Jiantai and Wang Bin)