People’s bad habits

2022-06-18 0 By

Everyone has shortcomings or shortcomings, which are determined by character or ability.So it is a true proposition that no one is perfect.Only by recognizing what is wrong with you can you make changes to make yourself better.Everyone has a certain bad habit, is the kind of deep – rooted shortcomings and bad habits.For example: greed, jealousy, stubbornness, laziness and so on.If there are too many bad traits in a person, the direct result may be ostracism.This exclusion may be social or interpersonal.On the social level, if a person always does a bad job, is unemployed or changes jobs frequently, it is likely to be ostracized by the society.At the very least, it shows that this person is against mainstream values and cannot fit into a larger group.Of course, some of these people may be extremely talented, but the probability is almost zero.In terms of interpersonal communication, if a person has very few friends, many of the people he has known always never contact after a period of warm up, and even the relationship with his family, friends and colleagues is very delicate, and he cannot communicate with them normally, then this person is also marginalized.Of course, such a person may have a very strong personality and do not need the attention and understanding of others, but the probability is almost zero.The person who is ostracized by society is typically the person whose career and work are very difficult;People who are ostracized by “those around them” are typically marginal people with very few friends.If a person is excluded from both sides at the same time, it must reflect on their own bad habits.Of course, you can’t go to work with a humble attitude or a humble attitude to fit in with others for a job or meaningless connections.It is better for people to remain normal, at least to have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, black from white.In this already very “vulgar” world, we are all ordinary ordinary people, don’t go to the dream of overnight wealth and cross class promotion.Have time to change their own “bad”, so their work, career, interpersonal relationship will have a certain help.Society is a mirror, you have what kind of bad habits, that your real world is what kind, no doubt.