Psychology: childhood had eaten three kinds of bitter people, bones will be very self-abased, difficult to get along with

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Hello everyone, I am Seven yue mother ~ did you ever suffer when you were a child?Are you an inferior person?I found around a lot of people actually more or less will have a little inferiority, it is just a matter of how much.Some people are introverted and shy, dare not express themselves outside, like to hide in a corner to digest their emotions, while some people are extroverted, but this is just their appearance, in fact, their heart is very inferior.Everyone has different temperament and temper, but why do they often show the same inferiority complex?Since I learned psychology, I like to study the characteristics of human nature more and more, like to figure out the differences and connections between people with different personalities.There is no doubt that the person who you are today is largely influenced by childhood experiences.So, what is the reason for an inferior person?When I was a child, I lived in the countryside. At that time, my next-door neighbors lived very close to each other. When there was a big noise in my house, I could hear it clearly.There is a boy of my age who lives next door to us. He can often hear his mother call him some very ugly words.For example, if a boy fails in an exam, his mother will scold him, “Are you a pig?They don’t know any of these questions.Boys playing outside with children, hand was grazed by children, home not only can not get his mother’s caress, but will be scolded by his mother “you can not study, fight you can not?Also wounded by people, HOW I gave birth to you so a waste ah “.That boy is becoming more and more introverted and dare not speak loudly. He is bound to feel inferior when he grows up.The boy’s mother must have loved him and wanted him to be good and strong in her heart.Every time she sees her child’s “bad temper”, she wants to educate her child. Although the intention is good, it is a pity that the mother uses the wrong method.She kept using bad words to suppress the child, no matter what the situation is the first thought is to scold the child.The mother thinks she is educating her child and is for the good of her child, but all she sees in her child’s eyes is a mother who will only scold her, and the child feels only endless fear and fear.Inner fear is like a black hole, deeply hold the child does not let him escape, so the environment grew up in the child, even if the appearance does not look different, but the child’s heart is extremely inferior, it is difficult to change.The second kind of suffering: being ignored and invisible all the time. Babies need to be taken care of by their parents 24 hours a day from birth. Although they can’t speak, they can express their thoughts through crying.When they are hungry, the baby will cry, at this time you need to mother the bottle to the baby’s mouth.When a baby is cradled in her mother’s warm arms and Suckling, she is assured that she is being watched and feels safe.On the contrary, when any of the baby’s needs can not be met in time, this sense of lack will make the baby feel fear and fear, so as to internalize the child’s inner inferiority complex.It’s not just babies, it’s toddlers too. If a child doesn’t have a presence in the home and their parents don’t respond to their needs, they feel worthless.When children grow up, they often feel inferior, have no courage to fight for what they like, and are afraid to show themselves in public, because they lack confidence since childhood and believe that others will not pay attention to their needs.This inferiority plot will always be accompanied by children’s growth, affecting children’s future study, employment, social interaction and other aspects, become a bitter unspeakable pain.What do you remember being most afraid of in your childhood?Have you ever been beaten by your parents?One of my friends told me that she was often beaten when she was a child. As a result, she still has low self-esteem and can’t get close to others.My friend’s mother, who was irascible and unschooled, believed that bludgeoning was the right way to teach her children.My mother would use family law to serve or kneel a friend whenever he made a mistake.My friend said he was more than 30 years old, but he still could not forget the memory of being beaten in his childhood, because it was really a frightening memory.Not only his body will feel pain, more terrible is his heart will be abnormal fear and fear.This friend grew up to be a submissive person, dare not take the initiative to express themselves, inner inferiority is very strong.Even though she knew it, it was hard to shake off and change.Parents often spank their children, seemingly hitting their children on the flesh, but actually using corporal punishment to exert a strong sense of pressure on the children, so that the children have to listen to their parents.In either case, there is a lack of love flowing between the parent and the child, and the simple words and actions of the parent prevent the child from self-discovery and growth.Children have to give up their ego under the “majesty” of their parents, and they are coerced by their parents’ words, slowly losing confidence and becoming inferior and sensitive.So if you’ve ever been treated this way by a parent, you know what it’s like to be miserable.If you are a parent now, make sure you avoid these behaviors and create a better space for your child to grow up and gain confidence.I am Qiyue mother, the mother of a three-year-old child. 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