Shanghai added local 1015+22609, adhere to classified treatment, early intervention for mild treatment | Epidemic prevention and control press Conference

2022-06-18 0 By

The 148th COVID-19 prevention and control press conference was held in Shanghai at 10 am today.Zong Ming, Vice Mayor of Shanghai and deputy leader of Shanghai epidemic Prevention and control Leading Group, Wu Jinglei, director of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and Gu Jun, Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce introduced the situation.The Municipal Health Commission reported that on April 8, Shanghai had 1,015 new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases and 22,609 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases.Of the 1,015 confirmed cases, 301 were detected through closed-loop isolation control, 294 through nucleic acid screening of people at risk, and 420 asymptomatic cases turned to confirmed cases.Of the 22,609 asymptomatic infected cases, 21,853 were found through closed-loop isolation control, and 756 were found through nucleic acid screening for people at risk.Of the 1,015 confirmed cases released today, 532 are male and 483 are female.By administrative region,348 cases were reported in Pudong New Area, 116 in Jiading district, 114 in Xuhui District, 108 in Songjiang District, 62 in Minhang District, 45 in Jinshan District, 42 in Jing ‘an District, 41 in Huangpu District, 29 in Baoshan District, 24 in Qingpu District, 21 in Putuo District, 20 in Changning District, 18 in Hongkou District, 12 in Yangpu District, 12 in Fengxian district and three in Chongming District.Based on the epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging findings, 1015 cases were diagnosed as mild COVID-19 cases.Information on 22,609 asymptomatic infected persons can be found through the Shanghai news release.These 22,609 persons have been diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19 cases as the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test positive by the CDC.As of 9 o ‘clock, April 9, 196,113 close contacts in Shanghai have been checked and controlled, among which 166,210 have negative nucleic acid test results and the rest are being tested.Wu jinglei said that at present, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is in a critical period of fighting against time and the virus.We need to speed up and stop the spread of the virus without delay.We will continue to do a good job in nucleic acid and antigen screening, further strengthen medical treatment, continue to treat patients by classification, standardize treatment, integrate traditional Chinese and western medicine, intervene in early treatment of mild cases, and pay close attention to special groups such as children, pregnant women, and the elderly.We will strengthen personal protection and prevention and control of hospital infections among medical personnel, and care for their physical and mental health.Experts should give full play to their advantages, do a good job in health science popularization, and improve the public’s awareness and ability of epidemic prevention.