The final round tomorrow will determine whether The Chinese team will be among the world’s top four in the upcoming Winter Olympics

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Hello, everyone, today is February 19th, 24 hours before the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China. At present, the main site of the closing ceremony of the National Stadium, the Bird’s Nest, has been dismantled. The main part of the demolition has been completed since February 9th.As the closing ceremony approaches, China’s world ranking at the Winter Olympics is sixth:8 gold 4 silver and 2 bronze 14 MEDALS from Norway in the world ranking gap gold 4 silver 7 copper 10, assuming all round final four tomorrow won gold is also back to catch up with and then we have to target lower first beyond 4.5 name of the Netherlands and Sweden, for example, beyond their winning just four final three will be able to enter the top four in the world.Having said that, let’s have a look at tomorrow’s four final ice events respectively, and who is participating in the Chinese delegation team?Women’s curling gold medal final Britain VS Japan (no Chinese team, in the last four because of the result of 4-5) this women’s ice hockey competition Chinese team members are: Jiang Xindi, Zhang Lijun, Dong Ziqi, captain han Yu, 4 girls.Although they did not reach the final four and could not win a medal, they surpassed the previous record in women’s curling and set the record for China in women’s curling.The alpine skiing mixed team final started at 9:33 on February 20th, the Chinese team entered the final with four Chinese athletes zhang Yangming, Xu Mingfu, Ni Yueming and Kong Fanying.This is the first time for The Chinese team to participate in the mixed alpine skiing team event, and also the first time to enter the final of this event. We hope that the four athletes can compete in style, compete well, and win MEDALS for China.The women’s cross-country skiing 30km mass start at 11am on February 20, the free technique event has always been a “weak” event for China, but this year the Chinese team chose to participate in this event in order to achieve the goal of participating in all the events in the winter Olympics.The participants include Dinegar, Iramu, Bayani, Galinchi, Li Xin, Ma Qinghua, Chen Shuang, six female athletes.Hopefully they can break through themselves and win another medal for China.February 20th 11:20am Fourth round of the four Bobsleigh Event The rules of this event are that all events have 4 rounds, lasting 2 days, 2 rounds per day.The results count for the total time of the four rounds, and the one with the shortest total time wins.Only the top twenty players/teams from the first three rounds qualify for the final round.China’s two teams, currently ranked 16.17, are expected to advance to the fourth round and are also expected to win the prize.The Gold medal match of men’s ice hockey will be played by the Russian Olympic Committee VS Finland.The above is the whole article of this issue content, hope China team can stand on the podium of the world fourth before the closing ceremony tomorrow, this ranking of the world fourth next time impact the world top three, believe in the power of China, believe that China’s winter Olympics athletes.Let more people join in cheering for China, thank you!