The incidence of diabetes is increasing, because of the existence of a phenomenon, the future sugar control situation is still grim

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The fifth day of the New Year today, over half of the New Year, the words of a close, ready to pack up the mood into work, liang teacher also do not understand the situation to speak their own truth, do not speak ah, because a grim reality in front of us.On December 28, 2021, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published the latest statistics on diabetes incidence and treatment in China from 2013 to 2018.The prevalence of diabetes among Chinese adults increased from 10.9% in 2013 to 12.4% in 2018;The prevalence of prediabetes increased from 35.7% in 2013 to 38.1% in 2018.Overall, China’s overall prevalence of diabetes is not only very high but the continued growth trend, on the contrary, the proportion of patients with positive therapy has not been improved obviously, beam teachers and peers of diabetes propaganda work a long way to go, teacher liang today from a new Angle, and you about, a grim situation before us, had to face in the future.Terrible familial aggregation of diabetes.The familial aggregation of diabetes has been mentioned since the discovery of diabetes and has existed for many years. There is sufficient clinical evidence and it does exist. Professor Liang cited the data from Joslin Diabetes:In the offspring of the parents are without diabetes, the prevalence of diabetes was 6.1%, a parent with diabetes was 16.5%, the parents of both sides have diabetes was 26.2%, incidence of a disease is obviously rising trend, the article also mentioned that if in the family, grandparents, uncles aunts diabetes or not, has nothing to do with our rates, that is to say,Not like genetic problems, but from their parents directly transfer the risk, not the problem of gene, is the external environment, the influence of the beam is the teacher’s personal opinion, the family to eat the same pot meal, have the same eating habits, the same diet, even if there are some subtle differences, but the same table, same or more,This may be one of the reasons for familial clustering.Another difference is regional differences. On December 6, 2021, the International Diabetes Federation released the 2021IDF Global Diabetes Map (10th edition).Different countries have different dietary structure, the incidence of diabetes is very different, that is, our country is different provinces, different regions, urban and rural, south and north, there are obvious differences, that is to say, the difference between people, more is determined by our diet institutions.First briefly summarizes two sentences, liang, over the years, has really really feel life improved obviously, especially over the age of 45 years old friend, know the previous years and life, can feel the great changes in life now, especially living improved, health consciousness does not improve, the pursuit luxurious exquisite life, do not understand what is most important to the body,What may be discarded is often the most needed components of the body, such as the teacher Liang wrote this article, “regret not to know earlier, what we throw away is treasure”, is to introduce the benefits of fiber and pectin to the human body.Two days ago, liang went nostalgia bazaar, unexpectedly found our impression when small snacks, basic is sugar, all kinds of different shape of sugar, add different colors of pigment and essence, make a variety of different shapes, we are still absorbing the more you have, the more beautiful, even now, a lot of friend to go to the store will buy a lot of back to their children eat, now, it seems,It’s all a health hazard. It’s junk food.Let’s get the conversation turned back, some friends of my parents and no diabetes, but because of the lack of exercise and diet control, or stress has become a fat people, as fat accumulation, insulin resistance, diabetes search slowly, and then diagnosed, become a member of the 6%, not except for some patients with type 1 diabetes,Or other mitochondria or other special types of diabetes, unable to prevention and treatment, mostly due to lifestyle changes, because their this kind of “accidentally”, lead to the opportunity of the next generation of diabetes increased by 10%, and if love also have diabetes, it can only be a cry, “alas,” the child the chance of deeloping diabetes and increased by 10%,That is to say, even if your child is highly disciplined, not obese, not insulin resistant, but because of family history, at the starting line, is already behind, and so cumulative, our overall morbidity will be higher and higher.The hospital, in history, family history is one of important, most of the case will be asked about this, for all the friends and sugar, the child’s diagnosis and we are not open relationship, if inadvertently, we have already confirmed, for your child, good control weight, prevent the emergence of diabetes, as early as possible to stop raising nutrition surplus,Although it is difficult for us to return to normal, we can tell our children not to increase the chances of our grandchildren getting sick. Otherwise, we will have endless children and grandchildren.I am Mr. Liang, concerned about diabetes and health. You can also pay attention to the public account: Mr. Liang talks about sugar. We work together on the way to reduce sugar.