Why did Coach Su plead to stop criticizing referees?

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Su Yiming, 17, made history for China after settling for a silver medal in men’s slopestyle snowboarding.But there was widespread consensus on the Internet that Su would have won if not for a miscall because of the referee.In an interview, the referee admitted that the score was too high for The Canadian champion Parrott, and the judges did not see the Canadian player catch board error……Su also liked the news on social media.Su’s coach yasuhiro Sato said in an open letter that he and Su understand the difficulty of real-time scoring, thank all the judges, and urge the public to stop criticizing su during the men’s snowboard slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Just as there is no absolute fairness and justice in the world, it is unscientific to require judges to have absolute fairness and justice in sports competitions.As long as a person is administering the penalty, there will be deviation, which is impossible to avoid.There have been many times during the 2017 NFL regular season when refs made calls that most people didn’t understand even after watching replays.Not to mention gymnastics, diving and figure skating.Because the referee is also human, we must allow the referee to make some mistakes, such as the offside decision and the out-of-bounds decision, as long as it is not the subjective intention of the referee, this is acceptable. Of course, the current technical level is trying to solve this kind of mistake.The referee is instantaneous, and the referee must have authority, otherwise sports would not exist.Coincidentally, in 2017, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stripped three gold MEDALS from the Beijing Olympic Games, according to its official website.The three Chinese women weightlifters who were stripped of their gold MEDALS were Liu Chunhong (69kg), Chen Xiexia (48kg) and Cao Lei (75kg).On August 9, 2008, Chen Xiexia from Guangdong won the women’s 48kg weightlifting final, winning the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Olympic Games.In August 2016, 15 weightlifters, including three gold medallists Chen Xiexia (48kg), Liu Chunhong (69kg) and Cao Lei (75kg), tested positive for drugs in the ioc’s retest of samples from athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.They were given provisional bans by the International Weightlifting Federation.In 2017, the International Olympic Committee announced that Chen Xiexia’s Olympic result was revoked because she failed to pass the re-test of the sample, and the gold medal was also taken back!Along with liu Chunhong and Cao Lei of the Chinese weightlifting team, the historic 51 gold MEDALS became 48 gold MEDALS.This incident reflects the serious situation, long-term nature and complexity of the anti-doping work of weightlifting.Some people may want to ask why su Yiming’s mistake in the judgment of men’s snowboard slopestyle competition should be respected without changing the result, while Chen Xiexia (women’s 48kg category) should be stripped of her gold medal after 8 years for doping?In addition to the explicit rules, doping is the bottom line of sports competition, and respecting the referee is definitely not an excuse and reason for breaking the law.The final to establish the authority of the game, has great significance to the implementation rules, the referee has the binding force, force and execution force is determined, the principle of a ruling, in this sense, for intense athletic competition and long lawsuit or not quite same, especially the lack of a statement and defend, lead to the referee had made a mistake, sometimes including obvious mistakes.That’s why Su’s coach, Yasuhiro Sato, said in an open letter that he and Su understand the difficulty of real-time scoring, thank all referees and ask the public to stop criticizing them.February 11, 2022