“Attention” when renting a house, the contract is not written well likely money is not received, but also amortized on the lawsuit!

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The smell of the New Year gradually dispersed, and everything slowly restored to the quiet and normal, it seems that this noisy bustling everything has never been in the future, visiting relatives, asking for leave, traveling, visiting friends, working, working……Are returned to their jobs, housing rental market to warm up again, after all, food, clothing, shelter, the line is related to the people life, then have a tenant will have rent, this is the order of the market circulation, there is need to have the supply, then especially as perennial with room rental of the lessor, you’ve heard because of problems in his house tenants,Such as jumping, falling, falling, self-injury, self-injury, throwing objects from high altitude, engaging in illegal and criminal activities…It’s all about you!According to human nature, a lot of things you may feel unreasonable, also feel nothing to do with their own, but the law is actually a mirror, the truth of human nature in front of the law, take in everything in a glance!Even if you don’t understand, you have to do it!So in order to avoid this kind of thing, do you know how to sign a lease contract to maximize the protection of your rights and interests?The following said a few important remarks, for friends to encounter similar situations in the future to reference.A lot of items in the rental contract are standard terms, which are nothing more than some essential identity information of both parties, the address of the lessee, the lease period, the list of indoor items, the settlement of the water and electricity bills, as well as some relative liability agreement for breach of contract, generally speaking, these themes.It is important to note that most contracts have a note clause at the end of the contract. This is where you should pay attention. Here are some of the phrases that you should include in the note clause for future use:1, during the lease period, the lessee is the actual user of the house, is also the actual manager of the house, the house has certain rights, responsibilities and obligations, the lessee needs to pay attention to the house fire prevention, anti-theft accidental electric shock, and do not do any harm to their own safety in the house!2, the lessee during the actual management of housing, any safety accidents happened in the house, all shall be borne by the lessee, has nothing to do with the lessor, including and not limited to, because of the water, electricity, gas, use undeserved cause safety accidents, and person accident injury caused high altitude parabolic to others, and slip inside the house, as a result of their own do not pay attention to knock against,The lessee shall bear the consequences.3. If the lessee (the actual manager) uses the house to engage in illegal and criminal activities, or any situation prohibited by law occurs, the leasor has the right to immediately and unconditionally recover the house, and all losses thus caused to the leasor shall be compensated according to the actual losses.The above remarks are fully and expressly understood and agreed by lessee to be attached to the master Contract.It should be noted that some supplementary terms are in conflict with the terms of the main contract, so it needs to be specially indicated. If the supplementary terms are in conflict with the main contract, the supplementary terms shall prevail. If the parties have a dispute over liability for breach of contract, and the parties fail to negotiate, they can file a lawsuit to the court at the location of the house.The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of renting houses. After all, no one can guarantee what will happen tomorrow these days. After all, there are some precedents that make us wonder, it does no harm to be cautious.Welcome to comment on the collection to share, learn together.I am Qian parents according to the point like attention, not lost on the way to buy.