Changyi city actively develops agricultural resources to fight false activity earnestly strengthens agricultural resources supervision

2022-06-19 0 By

Weifang news reporter Wang Yigang reported that recently, Changyi City in accordance with the “strict true fine real fast” style construction requirements, organized the supervision of agricultural materials law enforcement personnel to carry out special rectification activities in towns and villages in spring agricultural materials market, dragnet investigation.We will intensify inspections in key areas and varieties, crack down on counterfeits in agricultural materials, popularize knowledge of detecting and distinguishing counterfeits, and standardize agricultural materials operations.Up to now, Changyi city has dispatched more than 120 supervision and law enforcement officers, inspected more than 280 agricultural stores, distributed more than 1,800 copies of publicity materials, and investigated and punished three illegal cases.In the next step, Changyi Agriculture and Rural Bureau will strengthen supervision, and continue to focus on the inspection of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds without a license, promotion before approval, doping and counterfeiting, etc., cracking down on counterfeiting, protecting farmers and protecting spring farming, ensuring the safety of agricultural production in spring, and earnestly safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of farmers.