Chris Paul revealed he couldn’t shoot against the Lakers in the playoffs last year.You don’t have to guard me

2022-06-19 0 By

Beijing time On February 4, according to the United States media reported that the SUNS in the playoffs last year, Paul has been injured, at the same time, Paul talked about his situation at the time.”I was hurting so bad that the lakers didn’t have to guard me,” Paul said.”It was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I even had trouble dribbling the ball. I missed it a lot.After the SUNS upset the Lakers in the first round, the team advanced to the finals.Paul was seriously injured in the first round against the Lakers, but he continued to play, and the lakers clearly underestimated the severity of Paul’s injury by keeping him tight.It’s worth noting that In that series, Paul averaged 9.5 shots per game and scored 9.2 points on 38.6 percent shooting.The SUNS surprised fans last season when they eliminated the Lakers, only to lose to the Bucks in the Finals.After the SUNS eliminated the Lakers, they also impressed the fans, only to lose to the Bucks in the Finals and ultimately lose the championship.