Convenience + features!Tongren city hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine in the south door of the outpatient department opened

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Recently, the reporter came to tongren City hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine in the south gate of the outpatient department, I saw the waiting area spacious and bright, smooth service process;Rows of Chinese medicine display cabinets, placed in the quality of Chinese medicine;Under the orange light, yibian medical classics contain extensive and profound traditional Chinese medicine culture.”Walking in the ancient city, I saw a sign that said ‘Brahman Pure Medical Hall’ and came in.”Patient Ms Zhou is receiving treatment, she told reporters that it is the third time to come here for treatment, especially convenient.In the special treatment area on the second floor, doctor Yuan Jun is giving a massage to the patient, Ms. Long.”The technique is very good, the medical skill is very good.”This is Ms. Long’s evaluation of Yuan Jun.”Physical therapy programs like chiropractic and cupping are particularly suitable for some young people.”Yuan Jun introduced to reporters, at present, fanjing hospital opened acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, massage, scraping, traditional Chinese medicine and other physiotherapy services, well received by patients.Including the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine hospital outpatient department of the south gate is located in including cultural tourist area in the south gate, also known as “the blessed one net medical pavilion”, set up the characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment area, including the famous Chinese medicine experts, give full play to the inside and outside of traditional Chinese medicine, children’s characteristic medical service advantage, cooperate with TCM treatment, forming the unique treatment characteristics, citizens to provide a full range of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine services.”The TCM doctors who come to the outpatient department are all skilled!”Yang Xiuchun is a special expert of the outpatient department. He has been a doctor for more than 50 years and has rich clinical experience, especially in the treatment of muscle and bone injuries. He has selected and improved Yang’s Manual Treatment of Muscle and bone Injuries by combining his family techniques with the theory of injury treatment.”At present, the outpatient department is mainly good at treating cerebral infarction, hypertension, gout, cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, waist and leg pain, gynecological diseases, hemorrhoids, skin diseases and other diseases by using traditional Chinese medicine such as prescription, acupuncture and massage.”Yang xiuchun introduced.In addition to the name of the outpatient department of traditional Chinese medicine and special experts, in order to promote the cultural exchange of traditional Chinese medicine, so that the masses at home to enjoy high-quality diagnosis and treatment services, every Saturday the hospital will invite tongren district, county famous traditional Chinese medicine to fan Jing hospital in turn.”The medical service charging standard and medical insurance reimbursement policy are the same as those in the old and new districts of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Every Saturday, I will be free of registration fees and medical fees.Tongren Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine party secretary, president Li Chen told reporters that in order to facilitate the masses to see a doctor, the outpatient department also opened a night clinic, from 5:30 PM to 9 PM.”The establishment of the outpatient department not only enables citizens to see a doctor more high-quality and efficient, but also enables them to feel the rich cultural atmosphere of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine.”It is understood that the main projects of the outpatient department are:Traditional Chinese medicine pulse, common acupuncture, scalp needle, electric needle, fire needle, plum needle, snap needle, three-rib acupuncture blood, scraping, cupping, Fuyang pot, Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, Traditional Chinese medicine hot election package,Chinese medicine foot bath, external application of Chinese medicine ointment, ear point pressure bean, septum moxibustion, box moxibustion, Du vein moxibustion, sanfu moxibustion, sanjiu moxibustion, acupoint injection, acupoint embedding, massage chiroplasty and intermediate frequency, microwave, air pressure, infrared, electromagnetic wave and other treatment.(Source: Multicolor news)