During the Spring Festival, social stability and public order were maintained throughout the country

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 7 (Reporter Xiong Feng)Traffic safety in China is stable and orderly during the Spring Festival, with more than 10,000 a-level scenic spots and highways running smoothly, according to the Ministry of Public Security Monday.This year the lunar New Year holiday traffic dense traffic logistics and hi every Beijing games event opening, the Ministry of Public Security of Spring Festival and the winter Olympic Games security work, attached great importance to local public security organ is mainly responsible for comrade hold position, on command, the police officers fulfill his duties, selfless dedication, continue to fight in the first line, security guard, safety and happiness peace and social harmony.The public security organ during the holiday, the whole nation, start the armed patrol police armed police joint logistics level of service, strictly implement the “1, 3, 5 minutes” rapid response mechanism, a total of 3.64 million person-time, materialize into police force of more than 2300 person-times, comprehensively strengthen personnel intensive place of patrol, and combined with the beginning of the end the security characteristics and the masses reflects the intense prominent question,We intensified targeted crackdowns on telecommunications and Internet fraud, robbery and fraud, pornography, gambling and drug abuse, and food and drug trafficking, effectively maintaining good public order.In the presence of major events during the festival more, the public security organ shall adhere to strict, large outbreak risk assessment activities management and all kinds of examination and approval, with security forces, to carry out the security check, order maintenance, staff guidance, prevention and control and the security measures, such as emergency ChuTu urged to carry out the disease prevention and control and safety management main body responsibility,We ensured that all 186 large-scale events were held safely and smoothly.In view of the concentrated flow of tourists in tourist attractions, local public security organs strengthened coordination and linkage with relevant departments, actively cooperated with competent departments to comprehensively strengthen the safety inspection of scenic spots, facilities and vehicles, to ensure that more than 10,000 a-level and above key scenic spots travel in good order.Public security traffic control departments across the country launched a high-level duty mode, deploying 154,000 police officers and 53,000 police cars on an average day to crack down on key traffic violations and carry out special campaigns to crack down on drunk driving and the illegal activities of carpooling, charter and overloading passengers.During the Spring Festival holiday, there were no reported traffic accidents that killed more than 5 people in one time, and traffic accidents that killed more than 3 people in one time decreased by 44% compared with the same period last year. The main highways in China were smooth and smooth, and there was no long distance traffic jam.Railway and civil aviation public security organs vigorously implemented transportation safety, epidemic prevention and control, security and stability maintenance measures to ensure the safety of passengers.Public security organs at all levels have made all-out efforts to tackle the epidemic prevention exam during the Spring Festival, actively cooperating with health departments to trace the source of the epidemic and take targeted measures to prevent and control the epidemic.Immigration authorities have deployed 30,000 police officers on an average day to strictly control entry, exit and border crossings, prevent and crack down on illegal activities, and ensure smooth and orderly border crossings.Qinghai Daily (3rd edition, February 08, 2022: Domestic News) disclaimer: All the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily, unless the source is indicated. It is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission.