“Environmental criticism” is not as sufficient as the sound of firecrackers

2022-06-19 0 By

As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger draws near, many places have issued regulations forbidding setting off firecrackers.There are sceptics.The author thinks, whether for the consideration of air quality, or personal health and safety, fireworks are worth advocating.With the change of The Times and the increasing needs of the people for a beautiful ecological environment, the custom of setting off firecrackers is facing the evolution of reform and innovation.More and more people realize that setting off fireworks is prone to safety accidents, waste a lot of paper and gunpowder, and affect air quality.Setting off fireworks will produce a large amount of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases and dust of various metal oxides.In the case of weak wind, high temperature inversion and high humidity, these pollutants will continue to accumulate near the ground and have chemical reactions, and even form heavy pollution lasting for several days, affecting human health.In the process of storing, transporting and setting off fireworks, accidents causing heavy property losses and casualties also happen from time to time.At the same time, the huge amount of rubbish produced by setting off fireworks also adds to the burden of sanitation workers.Fresh air, blue sky and white clouds are people’s common hope.In recent years, some localities have issued “prohibition orders” to advocate a more civilized and environmentally friendly way of celebrating festivals, and the people have a growing sense of happiness and gain from the blue sky.In today’s rich cultural entertainment, setting off fireworks for fun is not the only option to add to the festival.You can choose electronic firecrackers, festive music, flowers and other safer, environmental protection, health and other green entertainment, with new content, new forms of expression of the joy of the festival, the yearning for a better life.Spending time with your family, settling down and reading books to recharge your batteries, and embracing spring and the future with a healthy body and mind are the proper meanings of the Spring Festival holiday.Family affection is the core of the Spring Festival.Family affection, in, in the Flavor of the New Year.Without the sound of firecrackers, not only the Spring Festival flavor will not be reduced, but also more beautiful, more civilized, more warm.Everyone is a protector, builder and beneficiary of the environment.Only when everyone makes concerted efforts to protect the beautiful environment can we ensure the safety of the public environment and have a safe, peaceful, green and healthy Spring Festival.Author: Zhang Houmei Source: China Environment News