Gansu big stone wholesale, Qinghai big stone what price, gansu rockery stone how much money a ton

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Gansu big stone customers said: buy the big stone is not very good, a few pieces of combination, common stone what price, how much is per ton?Pile out of the rockery effect is good.When we are free at ordinary times, go to the mountains to see the big stone, looking for good texture of the big stone, various styles of stone, blue dragon stone, Yingde stone, we see beautiful stone would like to bring back.Guangdong quartz stone to Gansu is generally used to do what?Why do blue dragon stone often go abroad, foreign blue dragon stone pickling process is how?Natural quartz stone, natural rockery stone, qinglongshi is not the mountain ordinary rockery stone, qinglongshi, big quartz stone, Yingde stone what stone wholesale base.Ming fu stone manufacturers.