Hangzhou’s simple little sister clothes taste really quite good, wide leg pants can wear a pattern, feel good temperament

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Wide-leg pants can be said to be a very common clothing item in women’s wear modeling, whether men or women, in the choice of pants, can use wide-leg pants to match their own.Wide-leg pants is a type of pants, it is a lot of styles to choose from, different styles of wide-leg pants in the temperament of the show is not the same, suitable leg type is not the same, not to mention its collocation.It is because there are many styles of wide-leg pants, so there are many ways to match them. If you want to make the style of wide-leg pants more suitable for you, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching skills.For the choice of wide-leg pants, we suggest that according to the shape of some fashion people to learn, because many fashion people’s street style is very worthy of reference.For example hangzhou young lady sister’s street pats modelling to be worth drawing lessons from very much, they can use wide leg trousers to go concave modelling in private, the figure that lets oneself has individual character more, everybody might as well imitate.The simple person of Hangzhou little elder sister dress tastes really quite good, wide leg pants can wear a pattern, the feeling is good temperament, so cookie-like wide leg pants how can come to the fore?Try one of these stylish combinations to make it personal.First of all, we should know what advantages wide-leg pants have. The reason why wide-leg pants are called wide-leg pants is that their legs are very loose. This kind of loose legs can well modify the line of women’s legs.So no matter what kind of leg type can wear wide-leg pants, and the wide-leg pants wear a very good effect, their legs appear thin and long, for the proportion of the body modification is also very helpful.But in order to make their advantage more obvious, some women will choose very big wide-leg pants, but in fact, too much, it will appear a little sloppy and bloated.Casual and casual because the legs of wide-legged pants are very loose, so wearing on the body will give a person a very casual feeling, very comfortable, will not give a person a sense of bondage, and then with some casual clothing, the overall shape is very casual.So wide-leg pants can be worn when the weather is a little cooler. When the breeze blows, the wind blows into the trouser legs, it is not too cool, it is really very comfortable.We need to pay attention to the style and collocation of wide leg pants jeans + black jacket wide leg pants, different styles of wide leg pants suitable for collocation is not the same, and different clothing together will show different charm.For example, the most common wide-leg pants in daily life is the jeans wide-leg pants, jeans wide-leg pants can make the image of women more casual and casual, it is recommended to choose dark blue jeans wide-leg pants.Navy blue jeans with wide legs can also create a retro chic look. Pair them with a black jacket to make the look even more stylish and understated.In autumn and winter, it is more suitable to match yourself with woolen wide-leg pants. Woolen wide-leg pants can make women’s image more elegant and simple. It is recommended to choose white woolen wide-leg pants to make the shape cleaner.White woolen wide-leg pants can be matched with hoodies, which will also make the image of women more energetic. Hoodies are recommended to choose hoodies, because fresh colors will make the image more age-reducing.If you want to make your style more dynamic and casual, it is also suitable to match yourself with sports wide-leg pants, which will also give a very comfortable feeling to wear on the body.Gray is recommended for wide leg pants, because gray pants are not only very comfortable, but also give a low-key feeling. If you want to be more stylish, you can add zipper design in the position of pants legs.Gray sweatpants can be paired with a black suit to create a mix-and-match style with a smart and stylish upper body and a dynamic and energetic lower body that is very attractive to wear.If you want to make the shape of wide-leg pants more stylish, you can use the design of wide-leg pants to enhance the fashion sense of the overall image. As the name implies, the design of wide-leg pants is to add a slit in the position of the pants leg, vaguely show their ankles, so that the proportion of women’s body becomes better.It is recommended to choose the black style, because black wide-leg pants will be more low-key, and can also be matched with many clothes. If you want to be more personalized, you can use a light-colored plaid coat to match, such as orange plaid coat is a good choice.High-waist striped pants + knitted cardigan leg type is not very good-looking women, with striped wide-leg pants to modify their legs is very necessary, choose the style of vertical stripes, can elongate the proportion of women’s legs, on this basis, choose high-waist pants, there is more to modify the proportion of the role.High-waisted striped wide-leg trousers can be paired with cardigans, and a grey cardigan is a good choice to make the overall look more gentle and low-key.For the style selection and collocation of wide-leg pants, I hope you can seriously learn, so that you can fully master the shape of wide-leg pants, so that your image is also more stylish.