Jiangxi a positive person intentionally conceal the itinerary was registered

2022-06-19 0 By

According to an investigation by public security authorities, xu, a COVID-19 patient, violated the Relevant provisions of the Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases by deliberately concealing his travel schedule and contact history, thus causing the spread of the epidemic.The Public Security bureau of Ruichang placed a case against him on March 23 and will investigate him for criminal responsibility according to law.On the afternoon of March 22, the city of Ruichang conducted routine nucleic acid tests on key people in key industries in the city, and a preliminary positive case was found to be A person surnamed Chen.The COVID-19 emergency Prevention and control Headquarters of Ruichang city immediately organized emergency response work, such as flow investigation, isolation control and nucleic acid testing, in the closed and controlled areas such as the Golden Triangle community and the farmers’ market, where the initial screening positive person Surnamed Chen lived and worked. Nine additional preliminary screening positive cases were found, one of which was Surnamed Xu.According to the information released by the COVID-19 Prevention and control Emergency Headquarters of Ruichang city, xu Guo, who was initially tested positive, drove from Ruichang city to Jietan Village, Shigang Town, Xinjian District, Nanchang City to attend the funeral on the morning of March 10, returned to his home in Ruichang city in the afternoon, and did not report to jiangnan Mingcheng Neighborhood Committee until March 22.At present, Xu is being treated in isolation at a designated hospital.(Jiangxi Daily Ruichang Public Security Bureau)