Lebron James: I can rule the league with Kyrie. Who says it’s impossible?

2022-06-19 0 By

Refresh!Irving 60 points, put on the magic ball, a personal best!Irving scored 41 points in the first half of the game, scoring 60 points on 20-for-31 shooting and leaving the game early. Otherwise, Irving would have broken the 70-point mark.The 60 points set a new personal scoring record for Irving, who had previously scored 57 points.Irving is worthy of the offensive kaleidoscope, whether it is a breakthrough, three points, long-range shooting, all of the opponents make their best can not stop.James immediately praised Irving’s performance, saying, “Carrey is the best scorer in the league all the time, and I can still dominate the league with him. Who says it’s not possible?”All know that the nets are not allowed to Owen at home, old January next year is likely to leave the lakers, still don’t say, really James again to complete the possibility of Owen, especially consider how two people of the state is still in the peak, old zhan defense, despite its degradation, other aspect still has oodles, NBA everything can happen, if two people really teamed up again next season,Fans should not be too surprised.