Legend of MIR II: all MOBS on this map can dig equipment and xp, isn’t that crazy?

2022-06-19 0 By

Since legend updated the sky pass system, it has been accelerated all the way to update, and basically there are more and more activities that consume ingot.The appearance of the Tianguan system successfully “dissuades” a large number of old players, but let a lot of local rich players smile, after all, in the new version of the “banknote ability” can be directly faster than one step, can be very clearly reflected.For example, the level of tuhao players is the best equipped.Wolong Villa entered the wolong Villa version, legend system “dig” this classic operation also used in the upgrade and equipment of the player.It’s a good idea to get experience and equipment from the familiar activities of digging for meat, and to get stronger while experiencing the retro operation, but only if it’s clever enough.However, this operation is limited to the Wolong Villa map can be.Later, the legend updated a new map, which all the monsters in the map can be dug, and the mode is the same as wolong Villa, can be dug out experience and equipment, and even reputation and other game items.This map is lei Yan Cave.Mention of thunder hole, this is a classic version of legend update, there are new equipment, new mode, the emergence of the new BOSS, especially that will cast a net of thunder spider king can be severe, in the web after moving slowly, accidentally put down.But big guy players like to go to the thunder hole two layers of thunder spider king refresh, look forward to falling good equipment.Black tooth spider but we don’t have to just stare at the BOSS, any spider leyan hole can be dug after KO, as long as the body has the charm can always be dug, the old way is also explored in leyan hole, the mouse on the spider ST above all show “can explore”, a dig down really have a lot of harvest.The map of leyan Cave has become a new area that players like to explore, and its popularity remains high.Leyan hole map this kind of digging experience and digging equipment mode is Chen boss for the player krypton gold way of reform, although are consumption, but let the player experience some new mode and some nostalgia operation.But generally this new model also nobody notice after the heat in the past, really do not have what meaning, on the one hand, because here have been dug dig very boring, on the other hand is because behind the update of the fireworks cake new mode can be more for new equipment and straight away, and process more simple and more efficient.Fireworks cake activity thunder hole all spiders can dig out experience and equipment and other props, looks a bit ridiculous, but this is the legendary version of the update process has been popular for a period of time classic Settings, experienced veteran players have experienced.Everybody see officer, have you experienced the thunder yan cave version?What do you think of the map that digs everything?Welcome to the comments.For more content, follow Doc Legend