Municipal leaders supervise production safety in cultural tourism markets

2022-06-19 0 By

January 28, Zhuzhou municipal standing committee, propaganda minister Jiang Xiaozhong on the cultural tourism market safety production situation supervision.Came to the city radio and television station, Hunan Cable network company Zhuzhou branch, Jiang Xiaozhong detailed understanding of radio and television programs broadcast and duty arrangements and electricity guarantee during the festival.At present, the city’s radio and television stations are fully promoting the “happy Zhuzhou happy Year of the Tiger” theme planning reports, and through radio, television and other all media matrix transfer Zhuzhou made great efforts to revive the wind good voice good story, create a strong Spring Festival atmosphere, let the masses feel the warmth of the party and the government.Jiang Xiaozhong inspiring us keep development is innovation, fusion, in the implementation of good safe production responsibility at the same time, in terms of quality to do “addition”, “division”) on the situation, on the efficiency of “multiplication”, let more home citizens through city radio and television programs to understand the change of the home, for the construction of zhuzhou contribute to happiness.Came to shennong city scenic area, Jiang Xiaozhong focused on the inspection of large amusement facilities, carefully check the playground special equipment use signs, duty logs, maintenance and safety system implementation.She told the relevant person in charge, to always tight security this string, to do a good job of the implementation of safety precautions, to ensure absolute safety.In Zhuzhou China Film City, Xinhua Bookstore and other places, Jiang Xiaozhong detailed inspection of the implementation of safety responsibility, and told relevant responsible people to implement the “safety first” responsibility, build a solid security line, strictly implement the normal epidemic prevention and control measures, hold the bottom line of safety, to ensure that the masses celebrate the Spring Festival.Reporter | John Tang