The analysis of car glass maintenance method

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Car glass, the simple role is used to block, prevent external things into the car, to create a relatively safe space for us.But we also want them to be “eyes”, to help us see the road ahead more clearly and so on, which is a very important aspect.So what are the maintenance methods of car glass?1, the hot sun glass film, car film can not only resist the hot sun, but also heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet.The personage inside course of study points out, heat insulation effect is one of the important reasons that consumer chooses to stick film, in addition, the transmittance of heat insulation film, anti ultraviolet index is the content that consumer must care about.However, many consumers have a lot of misunderstandings about heat insulation film.Automobile heat insulation film has front, rear windshield film and side windshield film.According to the provisions of safety laws and regulations, the light transmittance of the front windshield must be greater than 70%, on the premise of not affecting driving safety.The front windshield should not be pasted with dark heat insulation film.In addition, when choosing the uv resistance index of the heat insulation film, the higher the better, because it can protect the central console parts and prevent long-term exposure to the sun in advance of aging.Side windshield heat insulation film, the same does not affect the owners to observe the rearview mirror as the premise.The optional heat insulation film of the side windshield is more flexible and the color is more changeable.In addition, the heat insulation effect of the heat insulation film is not directly related to the color depth, and the coating process in the heat insulation film is the key factor to determine the heat insulation effect.The higher the heat insulation rate of the heat insulation film, the more reflective.Generally speaking, the heat insulation rate on the market to reach 60% of the heat insulation film is a good product.If the product itself claims to be 80 percent or even 90 percent insulated, consumers need to be wary.If the car is equipped with GPS navigator, the owner should choose non-metal film products, because most of the explosion-proof film on the market still belongs to the metal film, for GPS signal will indeed cause interference.Film process: meter shop towel, keep clean – clean glass – cut film – the heat insulation film on the window glass shaping – according to the shape of the glass, cutting Angle – inside glass cleaning – formal film – rolling water, with a blower blowing corner – clean.These steps are indispensable, if the film effect is not good, the owner can ask the shop to rework, so as to make the car glass is protected.2, reasonable use of glass water there are many kinds of glass water on the market at present, but it is mainly divided into three kinds: summer glass water, winter anti-freeze glass water and anti-freeze glass water.The summer glass water is mainly used to remove the flying insect residues on the mirror;Winter antifreeze glass water is mainly to ensure that the temperature is below minus 20℃, the car parts will not be frozen;Special anti-freeze glass water is mainly used in the north especially cold areas, can ensure that the car is still not frozen at minus 40℃.In the usual glass maintenance process, we should choose the right glass water according to the specific conditions of the season and the weather. When the surface of our windshield is fuzzy, it will be much brighter to clean with the right glass water.And the problem of glass reflecting randomly at night can also be wiped with glass water.In addition, in the case of high speed or dust, glass water will be used very fast, but also pay attention to the immediate injection of new glass water.Some owners think that cleaning glass is just cleaning deconsoination, so use washing powder or detergent to replace the glass water, some owners more cheap, directly replace with water, these are hidden dangers.There are some sediments in the chemical detergent such as washing powder, which is easy to corrode the rubber pipe over a long time, and will block the sprinkler mouth, and in serious cases will damage the motor.And the general detergent will continue to corrode the rubber tube, accelerate the hardening of the catalytic wiper strip, the hardened strip scraping the windshield, will accelerate the windshield surface is scraped, scraped.If you replace the wiper, the cost will be dozens of times the price of glass water.While ordinary water is very clean, but there are also a lot of chemical residues, accumulated over a long period of time will also lead to water nozzle blockage, affecting water spraying.Long-term use will also increase the friction of the mirror, easy to make the wiper cleaning to the mirror left a slight scratch.In addition, some people now give car glass insurance, this will be based on the actual situation of the individual.Car glass, is one of the relatively stable parts of the car, so it is easy to be ignored, in any case, or need to be carefully maintained, so that their vision is more open.