The hero out of the young!The 15-year-old has become the youngest snooker player ever to win a world Championship

2022-06-19 0 By

Qualifying for the 2022 World Snooker Championship got underway in Sheffield, England on Monday, with Wales’ L. Davies beating Ireland’s David Hill 6-4 in the first round to become the youngest player to win a tournament at the age of 15 and 277 days.The previous record for youngest player to win a world championship was set by Ben Mertens when he beat James Cahill, nephew of billiards king Hendry, in 2020. He was just two days older than L. Davis.Davis, who reached the semi-finals of the WST Junior World Championship earlier this year, is one of 16 amateurs to be given wild cards in the qualifying round of this year’s world Championships.Davis lost the first game of the tournament, but then broke the tie with a 127 in the second game, the tournament’s highest score.Despite trailing 3-1 and 2-4, Davies won four games in a row to reach the second round and face Fergal O ‘Brien.Davis still needs to win three more games in qualifying to make it to the tournament.Amateur Robbie McGuigan, 17, also beat world number 114 professional Alfie Burden 6-4.It means a lot to be able to beat a pro at Worlds, McGuigan, the adopted son of Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen, said after the match. Worlds puts extra pressure on you, you miss shots you wouldn’t normally miss.Alan and I practice a lot together, and I always want to be like him, playing at the Masters and worlds.The six-time world champion silver medalist, 59, who last competed in a world championship in 2006, lost 6-2 to Andrew Pagett.