Adhere to the “two establishment” to achieve “two maintenance” to speed up the completion of the fulcrum coagulation force

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In accordance with the requirements for deployment of the central and provincial party committee, on Jan. 25, party held the party history study education project in hubei province people’s political consultative conference democratic life, in-depth study and implement xi new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19th of the party, the study and implementation ten session of the 11th party spirit, around the keynote democratic life theme, according to the requirements of “the three set in”,Carry forward the spirit of self-revolution, conscientiously carry out criticism and self-criticism, so that democratic life will become an important driving force for political examination and improvement of political ability, and further strengthen the highly conscious adherence to the “two establishment” and “two maintenance”.Provincial CPPCC Party secretary, chairman Sun Wei presided over and made a summary speech.Provincial CPPCC party to open the democratic life will attach great importance to.Before the meeting, solid study and discussion, widely solicit opinions, in-depth talk, seriously check questions, write check materials, to open a good democratic life to make full preparation.At the meeting, written notice of the provincial CPPCC Party group last year democratic life rectification and the implementation of the democratic life to solicit opinions.Sun Wei made the control examination on behalf of the provincial CPPCC Party group, and took the lead in personal control examination.Later, Li Bing, deputy secretary of the provincial PARTY committee of the CPPCC, and Zhou Xianwang, Ma Xuming, Peng Jun, Zhang Weiguo and Zhai Tianshan carried out a personal control check one by one. They turned inward and came straight to the point, pointing at real problems and being alerted by red faces and sweat in mutual criticism.In his concluding speech, Sun Wei pointed out that we should take the lead in strengthening historical confidence, and consciously be a firm supporter of the “two certainties” and a firm practitioner of the “two safeguards”.We should take the lead in being mindful of the greatness of our country and pool wisdom for reform and development through unity and democracy.We will take the lead in promoting the interests of the people and highlight the CPPCC’s role in improving people’s wellbeing.Take the lead in carrying forward the spirit of struggle, seeking common ground while shelving and resolving differences in struggle;We will take the lead in improving performance, strengthen self-improvement in a spirit of reform and innovation, and strive to bring the CPPCC’s work to a new level and make new progress.Sun wei stressed that the political position should be improved and the rectification and implementation work should be done well.Should further strengthen the comprehensive improvement determination, strengthen responsibility, strengthen the work as a whole, the rectification and improve the party history study everyday, hold on, often with education to establish normalized long-term institutional mechanisms, continuously consolidate expand party history study education achievements, with excellent grades to meet the large and 20 provinces held the 12th congress of victory.(Reporter Zhang Hui, correspondent Zheng Xuan) (Editor: Xiao Luxin, Guan Xiyan) Share so that more people see