April fool’s day!Fool with you, be a happy you

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Write an article April Fool’s Day!”Yu” you together, do a happy you shan Nanhai Tuo do a good job of customers the most reliable little red book partner ~ today is a special day!April Fool’s Day (April Fool’s Day) is celebrated on April 1 every year.Thinking of your school days, be extra vigilant on this Day of the year!Students may lie to you: The teacher calls you to the office!Or tap you on the shoulder. Your shoe came undone!Now it’s all just a memory of those days when it was okay to joke around. Could it be just another workday, A Friday, the first day of April, the first day of a new OKR season?Do you plan special surprises or are you worried about pranks and pranks?The first day of April is a day of good luck, when people cheat on their best friends.April Fool’s Day is not a festival for fools, but a chance for liars to tell the truth, you can deceive, are the people who trust you.April Fool’s Day the most afraid of the boss said overtime, go is not.April Fool’s Day trick 1 — the wechat team first changes their wechat profile picture to that of the wechat team, and then changes their name to the wechat team.Send a message to a friend saying that a new function of wechat has been launched, and you can test your fortune by replying your name, height and weight.Or “Wechat’s new function is online, I will reply to your photos immediately, so that I can see which stars you are similar to.It’s easy to take things seriously when you’re not paying attention.Pretending to be a wechat team has a lot of content can be sent, but it is important to note that we must imitate the tone of the wechat team, but this method is not suitable for usually more careful people, also is not suitable for people who often use wechat team feedback problems.If you know that your friend has a crush on a goddess, and you know the note he gave her, you can change your avatar signature to the goddess, and impersonate your friend.You can invite him to dinner, see a movie, go shopping, wait until the friend really go, found it was a scam, this time, in the face of empty joy a good friend you have to be careful.April Fool’s Day micro channel pranks people trick routine 3 — micro channel comments to friends circle of friends below, as a micro channel assistant comment: you published content due to special reasons have been encrypted, this circle of friends only you can see, please understand.On April Fool’s Day, you can post a photo on moments, saying that you are getting married. Even on April Fool’s Day, some people will believe you, and then you can comment or like it below. Once someone replies, you can ask her to do the same.When you hear “your shoelace is off” don’t look to the ground honestly with “I understand” mysterious smile back to the other party let the other party disappointed to leave two, play dumb “ah?What did you say?”‘Oh, I see!He said you listen to, listen to be pretended not to understand and to make repeated explanation he cannot justify, playing along, and all that is the hardest and most interesting of the three methods as friends were trying to make up the story quietly when you cheat you follow his words when he missed the cheat each other made him more confused than you ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ such a creative sense of April fool’s day festival, is also a good chance to fly self,Enjoy the fool joke posters!!01 Holiday notice !!!!!Please check this is not a joke!!Seriously!!02 Wei Long heard that only smart people can find out “magic is cool” in 3 seconds 03 Who laughs the most ha ha ha ha ha ha (of course it is me!!)04 “Women lie posters” series of posters, naked expose the most real women’s psychology.Alibaba at 8 o ‘clock tonight, we will sell rockets in taobao direct broadcast room (the kind that will go to heaven)!In order to facilitate the novice babies better choose their own rocket, specially opened the rocket live column, we can preview the practice hand in advance, better choose suitable for their favorite rocket yo.06 NetEase Cloud music only one day!NetEase Cloud music members free!07 Moss Amway 08 KFC Happy breakfast, eat very happy!10 Budweiser by fool not panic, clink glasses on the face of good jokes to show their generous side