Chinese snooker player hit a new high!Fan scored 134 in a single to advance and Selby swept 5-0

2022-06-20 0 By

On January 27, 2022, the German Snooker Masters continued, with two Chinese players in the competition. Fan Zhengyi, a young player born after 2000, showed excellent performance and eliminated Heidfeld to advance. Lu Haotian lost to Mark.Allen was eliminated and Fan Zhengyi reached the round of 16 for the first time in his career, becoming the third Chinese player to advance after Zhao Xintong and Zhou Yuelong. He has made great progress this season.Van for a 21 years old, ranked 88th in the world, and for a long time he often first-round exit, caught the attention of fans outside, then deliberately not to break the pursuit of 147 failed, it seems to you also is to have personality, but a good fan for this season, this is more in qualifying win tower guess and LuNing, awarded the opportunity to come to travel to the race,Grades have also improved.In the first round of the tournament, Fan zhengyi will face The world no. 43 Hayfield, who knocked out Fan in last year’s world championship and later beat Zhou Yuelong to advance to the tournament. The opponent’s overall strength is stronger, which makes many fans not believe in Fan Zhengyi.First round 5 out of 9 sets, van over one feels good, play single stroke win both bureau 83 points, 79 points, a 2-0 lead, then highfield 72-43 win the battle, van over one times to fit in with a 73-14 expand the lead, the break after you come back, highfield repatriate inning before 104, van for a through accurate long open situation,He scored 134 points and got match point 4-2.Then the two sides had mistakes, Fan Zhengyi seized the opportunity to complete the qing, narrowly won 73-69, and finally eliminated Highfield 5-2, to advance to the German Masters round of 16, this is his first time to reach the 1/8 final, a new career high, for personal confidence will have a big, next against Andrew.Higginson, the youngster, had a chance to go one step further, but won without a fight after Liang wenbo withdrew.Lv Haotian lost 1-5 to Mark.Alan, the second Chinese player to be eliminated, the gap is wide, Mark.Allen scored 107 points, 106 points, 86 points, 63 points, many times to complete the single-shot victory, Lv Haotian only shot 53 points in the sixth round, the world’s first mark.Selby swept Barry 5-0.Pinches, shot 77, 75, 61, 50 to complete the victory.There are only four games left in the first round, China’s Yan Bingtao and Gilbert, it is worth looking forward to whether he can achieve another good performance, the winner’s opponent is Selby, Yan Bingtao has been tested, both Gilbert and Selby are very strong, it is not easy to even pass the two passes, Sean.Murphy and Norway’s Kurt.Mafulin’s contest also exists suspense, the outcome should see play on the spot.