Squeeze into Guicheng!2022 South China Sea public primary and secondary school enrollment area released, 4 features must see!

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Six civilian-to-public schools and a new primary school were put into use…On April 8, nanhai district released its 2022 division of public primary and secondary school districts, including the first batch of public schools in Nanhai.What’s new this year?Come and see!※ Feature 1:6 civilian-to-public schools “join the battlefield”, as a supplement to the former public degree, 6 civilian-to-public schools have been added this year, including 4 primary schools and 2 middle schools.They are south China Sea experimental middle school (school headquarters), South China Sea experimental middle school (Lantern Lake campus), South China Sea experimental middle school (yingyue campus), South China Sea experimental middle school (Guangxi campus), Dali experimental primary school and Luo Village experimental primary school.Among them, most of the civilian-to-public schools are the supplement of the former public primary schools, which to some extent alleviates the degree shortage of the former public primary schools.Luocun Experimental Primary School, for example, enrolls students from luocun Central Primary School and Guangming Primary School District.Luocun Central Primary School district alone has registered students from Gankeng Village, Luohu community and Zhuangyuan community, the degree is quite tight.The transfer of Luocun Experimental Primary School to the public can effectively divert some of the registered students in luocun Central Primary School district.※ Feature 2: The newly added schools are mainly primary schools. In addition to the conversion of private schools to public schools, some new schools will be put into operation this year.The newly added schools are mainly primary schools, while public junior middle school degrees remain unchanged.For example, there has always been a shortage of primary school degrees in lishui Golden Sandbank.This year, two new primary schools, Jinfengzhou No. 1 Primary School and Beautiful scenery Primary School, have been added to part of the community’s hukou students have also been diverted.In addition, lek Shing Primary School and Lek Hsiung Primary School have also been added to Dalk, but the schools are currently under construction and will be transferred to other primary schools during the transition period.The towns and streets of the public junior high school district division, basically maintain the same situation last year.※ Features 3: Children of specific talents are also recruited batches zhongnanhai has always attached great importance to talent housing.In this year’s civilian to public schools, also reflected in the education level, the greater support for talented children to live in peace.In nanhai Experimental School (district) junior high school enrollment plan, in addition to the first batch of students, the second, third and fourth batches of students are talents children.Among them, the talented children of Jihua Laboratory and Xianhu Laboratory are also mentioned in the enrollment plan.Priority to ensure quality degrees is a major measure to retain high-quality talents in Nanhai District.In addition, the division of this year’s school district is basically the same as that of last year.For example, laurel city street west of the school district division, this year and last year basically consistent.Nanhai district this year’s school district fresh out, parents in the public school district, but also to seize the time to sign up ~ finally attached to the 7 town school district division list: Guicheng Street road Dali town Lishui town Shishan town West qiao town Danzao town Jiujiang town