There’s something new about the terracotta warriors

2022-06-20 0 By

Northwestern university institute of cultural heritage and museum of qin shi huang, the archaeology of science and technology in the international authoritative journals (Archaeometry) published on the latest research results, the researchers on the qin Terra Cotta Warriors found a new kind of multipurpose composite material, this material is widely used in the Terra Cotta Warriors to fill in the making, adhesive, equal process.The researchers said that in past excavations of the terracotta Warriors and horses pit, they found the material in many places, including the crowns of the terracotta warriors and arms, including the cracks in the horses’ bellies and legs.By X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, X-ray diffraction spectrometry and polarized light microscopy analysis technology, they found that the pewter material is a kind of multi-purpose repair materials, are made up of eggs and animal glue protein adhesive mixed with ceramic powder as an inorganic filler material, mainly used for bonding clay body parts, repair and leveling.This latest research result provides a new basis for understanding the production technology, protection and restoration of the Terracotta warriors.