Warcraft TBC: Illidan 3101 drop data analysis, confirm blizzard adjusted egg blade drop rate

2022-06-20 0 By

World of warcraft TBC nostalgic served T6 group after the launch, we all drop rate of egg knife was very curious, gamers have to count the eggs with their own experimental data and the knife drop rate, but this kind of statistical method of sample size is too small, the low accuracy, bad luck players don’t see a egg knife, lucky players can five consecutive CD egg opener,So is there a big data sample that can count the egg knife drop rate?Now it’s coming.This is the data of 3101 illidan drops of TBC nostalgia server according to wowhead website. According to the principle of statistics, 30 samples have a certain credibility, so the data can be expanded 100 times, basically fit the actual drop rate.From the measured data, the drop rate of the egg knife was indeed slightly increased by the blizzard.The total number of the main hand egg knife dropped is 186, the drop rate is 5.998%, that is, just 6% level;The total number of egg knives dropped was 145, and the drop rate was 4.675%.The player has a 6%+4.7%=10.7% chance to get an egg knife once defeating Illidan.14 years ago, the old VERSION of TBC had a 5% drop rate on the main hand and a 4% drop rate on the offhand, which means blizzard has increased the drop rate on the main hand by 1% each.That 1% increase may not seem like much, but it’s a huge change in the experience of players, and it’s widely believed that the drop rate is extremely high.Small detective that this is with the current BT gold group nationwide popularity also has a relationship, on the one hand, the rate is indeed high, on the other hand, BT clearance team also more than several times, naturally will give you all over the world is the illusion of egg knife.In addition, the drop rate of the main hand egg knife is 21% higher than that of the offhand egg knife, which is more consistent with the actual situation of current players: currently, the proportion of thieves who have the main hand egg knife is 72%, and the proportion of thieves who have the offhand egg knife is 66%. From the perspective of WCL data, it is indeed a higher drop rate of the main hand egg knife.Detective is a little curious, why the main hand egg knife is more expensive than the second hand when the second hand is rarer?Because egg Knives are much less effective for berserk than rogues, berserk players are 20% less likely to acquire egg knives than rogues.There are currently 8 CDS in Dark Temple, and according to Wowhead’s statistics, the average number of egg knives per party is 10.7*8=0.85, which means that most players, even if they only play one character, have seen egg knives once, and WCL’s egg knife penetration rate is exactly the same.In addition to the egg knife, Wowhead also calculated the drop rate of other rare pieces dropped by Illidan. It can be seen that the drop rate of almost all pieces is around 15% to 17%. Whether it is the sky-high Guldan’s skull and dog stick, or the unsold cloth head and plate head egg dagger, their status in the database is the same.Well, with the above data, you can compare your actual drop rate and the deviation between theoretical drop rate, if the player’s actual drop rate is far lower than the theoretical drop rate, can be legitimate to diss my old head is a big hand, and some perennial leader wronged, also have the opportunity to succeed to wash white.