“Property tax” levy standards out?The more rooms you have, the more money you will pay

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Preface The Spring Festival of 2022 is getting closer and closer, many people say that ushered in a New Year, then of course there is a new atmosphere, this year opened the real estate market to give us a very big gift, that is, the housing price has a downward trend.Before, there was a great controversy about the real estate tax on the Internet, and many people were also very concerned about this thing, and this thing will be implemented this year.If macro regulation is carried out, then I believe that the downward trend is not limited to the internal self-regulation of real estate, and the house price may have a great downward trend.Now about the property tax this issue is actually on the Internet has been a very hot topic, there are a lot of people who do not have the conditions to buy a house are in the hope that the property tax as soon as possible.If officially adopted the property tax, and those who fry house property speculation will increase the cost, only Fried house there is no way a profit, or at a loss, can let them cheap sell their house, so that it can depress the price of the house, and then a lot of people could afford the house, but the specific implementation of the property tax still need some time.Many people say that it will take a long time from perfection to formal implementation, but in May last year, China’s relevant departments have held a meeting with several other departments, the main content of the meeting is the implementation of real estate tax, as well as the real estate tax in where the pilot issue.On the property tax thing is sooner or later, and if the property tax is implemented, so it is really a lot of benefits, so many experts also hope to quickly let the property tax fall into place.In fact, the real estate tax has been implemented in cities with better economy like Shanghai. From the perspective of that day, there is no problem if the real estate tax is implemented in the second and third-tier cities. The pilot scope is increasing, and it is a matter of time before it is implemented nationwide.To this end, “property tax” levy standards come out?The more rooms you have, the more money you will pay.But if a good policy is really implemented, then the process of running-in and improvement is inevitable, because only a good policy can bring real benefits to people.Of course, if the real estate tax is implemented, those who speculate in real estate will definitely face great challenges. Only by making the cost of holding the house more and more high, will the profit margin of those who speculate in real estate become smaller and smaller, and may even lose money. In this way, those who speculate in real estate will not completely rely on real estate speculation to obtain income.Then the real estate market prices will slowly return to a normal state.There is also a variety of actions through the relevant departments also showed the determination of the implementation of the property tax, the nationwide operation of the property tax is not far from us.Although there are many controversies about the property tax on the Internet, most people are in favor of it, because for ordinary people, the implementation of the property tax will not have any impact on them, but will enable the country to better macro-control the housing price.Housing price is a very noteworthy issue for people, because no matter rich or poor, they all want to own a house, so the price of a house will affect people’s quality of life.However, some people are also opposed. They have many houses in their hands and hope that the price of the house can rise in the future, and then resell it to make a profit.Although the authorities have said the house of residential property can’t be Fried, but real estate will still be to invest in residential properties house because of interest, so if the property tax, so for the real estate is a big blow, but it can make the operation of the real estate market return to normal state.In recent years the development of all aspects of our country is very good, so the life of people more and more is also good, a lot of young people will struggle to city development of the economy are sound, and then want to buy a house in a city like, like some of the economic development is not very good city, enthusiasm for selling a house is not so high, many houses have been idle,So what happens is that people who want to buy a house can’t buy a house or can’t afford a house, but people who can afford to buy a house can’t buy a house.This situation is a malformed development state for any industry, and it will keep the industry in a vicious circle.But we all know that the real estate market is closely related to people’s livelihood, so the government should regulate the real estate market, which is why China’s regulation and control of the real estate market in recent two years has been more and more intensified.Conclusion From the initial policy of property tax, we can know that the first thing to levy property tax is to remove the per capita area, and then start to levy.Now the standard is a person 40 square meters, that is to say if there are three people, then buy a 120 square meters house is actually do not have to pay tax.But if oneself have a lot of house under the name, so can collect house property tax to other house according to house property tax policy, if the house is more, so the tax that pays can be more.Topic of the day: The Ministry of Finance’s decision!People who own more than 2 houses will have a hard time sleeping