There are many reasons for idle jitter, come together to self-check!

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Whether the owners have encountered the following situation: the car used for a period of time, found that the car may exist “idle jitter” phenomenon.There are many reasons for idle jitter, and today we will talk about it.Normal jitter 01 When the air conditioner is turned on, the compressor starts and stops and idle speed fluctuates instantly.This situation is because when the compressor is running, the engine computer will automatically increase the speed, and the compressor will return to normal speed when it is shut down, and there will be a more obvious sense of jitter when switching.Normal condition, no need to worry about ignition system failure 02 Check the working condition of spark plugs, high voltage wires and ignition coils.Each time the spark plug is ignited, the electrode will wear out, and the spark plug performance will deteriorate over time.Spark plug failure will cause the car to appear “fire” symptoms, while idle instability.Solution to excess oil | replace spark plugs throttle 03 car jitter zui common causes of throttle is too dirty.If the throttle is attached by mud, the throttle opening and closing will appear stuck, affecting the vehicle intake, which will not only cause idle jitter, but also affect the power.Solution isolation cushion | clean throttle damage 04 in the process of driving vehicle, engine itself also can produce bigger vibration, although there will be suspension design, but slight shock cannot be avoided.So when the engine is mounted on the frame, there will be shock isolation pads.If the isolation pad aging, will lead to engine vibration can not be effectively filtered, the car jitter will be more obvious.Solution | vibration isolation cushion is to service station inspection, when necessary, replace defective components