Which fishing tackle product do you like best?Mini pull box is absolutely preferred

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Learning fishing, love fishing for nearly ten years, fishing skills did not improve, but still a equipment control, focus on their favorite fishing tackle.Because, if there is no time to go fishing, is free to look is also exciting ah!Haha, today, I would like to share a story about myself and the bait tray.Recently, the fisherman’s home platform purchased a ten yuan mini bait box.Pretty small and lovely appearance, suddenly attracted me.This mini pull box, paired with my recent DIY pull box holder, fits right up, left, right down, high and low, and clamps firmly. It’s a “perfect pair, made from earth” ah!Beautiful!Look at the magnet attraction, the hook is pulling a sub-line on the right side, is firmly hooked, and the hook has not touched the reel, more than a centimeter from the surface of the reel, firmly parked on the top.From the side with two fish hook slowly close to the disk, magnet and fish hook issued love sparks, I saw two fish hook brush brush from the side to attract.Let’s see, it’s not vertical up and down, it’s drawn from the right.This shows that the magnetic force of the mini bait box is strong, so that the double hook can be separated naturally, and it is very convenient to pull the bait operation.Take a look at the bait effect, bait ball full and fluffy, into the water that melt, bait heart hook is good.The baits are placed on the mini pull box for a professional look.As a wild fishing enthusiast, I try my best to bring simple and practical fishing equipment. Those bulky fishing tackle are not easy to carry and will not attract attention naturally.As early as 2013, WHEN I just learned Taiwan fishing, I spent more than 10 yuan to buy a simple bait box with only a few contacts in a fishing tackle shop beside the Lashan River. This simple bait box now belongs to the substitute team and I only use it when I play at home occasionally.When I was a beginner, I had to make do with this bait plate.However, with the gradual improvement of fishing skills, this bait plate has been unable to use, looks not good, magnetic force is not big, the key is the diameter of 20 cm bait box is a little too big, wild fishing with inconvenient.So, beginners in fishing anglers in the purchase of fishing gear, remember not to rush, first observation observation, and so on to master a certain skill to buy again is not late.Always liked to have a small and easy to carry bait box.Finally, the opportunity came.Because of a kind of DIY idea, such as enough after some materials, have time to make a gratified bar!The material is PVC pipe, 5 cm in diameter, cut in the middle, blanched with hot water, pressed flat while hot, used as bait tray.The iron is the tea box, the magnet is the lamp on the ceiling lamp.The use of the original bait box inside the small box, with the bait plate, although simple, but to meet the small and exquisite convenient to carry requirements, is very fond of, and I went through a lot of fishing field.Unfortunately, due to a long time, the picture of the bait box saved in the phone was lost, only the picture below was found.The DIAMETER of this DIY reel is the same as the small box in the box bought at the time, so that the box fits the disk perfectly.It took a lot of effort at that time!PVC pipe is too thick, bad clipping, also bad agglutination, increased many difficulty of DIY.Now come to think of, at that time is how to get out!What a miracle!Ha ha!This small lure tray, which takes time and effort, has witnessed the ups and downs of fishing road and the joys and sorrows of fishing process.Later, later, in a treasure to buy a blue bait box, because there are only five magnets, and immediately stick more than 10 strong magnetic, finally is to increase the strength of the magnet.The reel has been in use for six or seven years.Come to calculate, accompany me to study fishing since half of the time.At present, the reason for abandoning is still large diameter and inconvenient to carry.When you think about it, space in a fishing bag is limited, especially for a cyclist like me, which is a “terrier” and you have to be smart to carry your gear.In the New Year, I bought this nice little bait box on the fisherman’s Home platform. The style and workmanship are quite satisfactory, the magnetic force is also large, and the key is that the weight is lighter.Ride wild fishing!What suits you is the best.All right!Finally, thank you for the fisherman’s home platform staff and the majority of fishing friends to appreciate the post, I wish you a happy big crucian carp ❤️❤️