Holiday green Island, happy little animals

2022-06-22 0 By

Holiday green Island, happy little animals.The children who lived in the city all day were very friendly to the animals, so the businessmen took advantage of them and built some places around the city where they could take the children to play during the holidays.This holiday green island is the place we live in the surrounding business, has for many years, there are a few small animals, there are some crops, can also be in the fall of strawberry picking ah, and so on other crops harvest experience, I feel pretty good also, the merchant’s eye or can be, at least can give children a during holidays or rest,Parents take them to places where they can see the crops, see the animals, get a taste of the country.It is good that children can have a place to release their emotions during the boring holidays. I feel that there is such a place.It’s still worth something.Although they have seen these animals on TV, on computers or in other textbooks, it is necessary to be able to actually see them with their own eyes, so that they can have a deeper understanding and understanding of them.