Is it reasonable for banks to charge for SMS

2022-06-22 0 By

It is reasonable to charge for SMS.1. SMS reminder charges, not only agricultural Bank, basically all state-owned large banks, SMS reminder charges.The standard of this charge, each bank is different.Since the bank charges, that means it must be reasonable.Of course you can think unreasonable, but at least SMS charging is not illegal.There are if you want to SMS remind and do not pay the money, there are only two ways: bank cards do not open state-owned banks, because state-owned banks have SMS remind are charged;Save money upgrade to gold card level, gold card price customers, SMS reminder free.Conceptually, state-owned banks mean banks wholly owned by the state.Namely enterprise economic property is: ownership of the whole people.Before 1996, all the Banks in China are state-owned, or belong to the central (build) of workers and peasants, or belong to the local government (Shanghai pudong development bank, guangdong development bank, shenzhen development bank, societe generale), or state-owned enterprises holdings (China merchants bank, citic bank, huaxia bank, everbright bank), are enterprise owned by the whole people,All are state-owned enterprises.