No abuse not huan constellation, their love forever thunder ground fire, imprint is engraved on my heart, let a person unforgettable

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Through the ages, everyone’s attitude towards relationships is different.Some people like a long, flat love.Think only this kind of love, just long enough, can make two people comfortable.There are still people who like to be relatively free in their relationship, like a friend getting along mode of love.But then there are those who are not.For them, the more the abuse of hard to part, heartbroken, the more can prove the deep love of both sides.Maybe for some people, this kind of love is not as good as no, physical abuse of heart.But for this kind of person who likes sadomasochistic love, it is painful and happy.Today, let’s talk about the horoscope from the point of view of the astrolabe.Their love, never long, but dry firewood fire.In astrology, Venus represents our feelings and values.A person likes what kind of person, enjoy what kind of emotion more, from Venus’s position, house and state can be seen.If a person has a good Venus, they will be more comfortable expressing their emotions in their relationship, and the relationship will be more smooth.So when a person’s Venus is in Scorpio, which is more suspicious and likes to be suspicious, they are more likely to be impressed with their relationship.In other words, they prefer sadomasochism.At the beginning of a relationship, they prefer to test each other’s sincerity by setting up tests and obstacles.After the relationship has begun and two people are in a relationship, they will still be in the air from time to time, in this way the progress of the relationship will be ups and downs.They may love you, but they don’t say it.And they tend to have relationships that are taboo or not morally acceptable.Because they always like to touch the dark side of human nature, they are easy to be attracted to some feelings that do not conform to rules and morals.They are more likely to be in a relationship, but they are always tortured by such love.I’m in sadomasochistic love and I can’t get out of it.Venus Scorpio love, such is it.They are always simple love complicated, they always like to think of people complex, complex relationship.You really need a strong heart to fall in love with them.Because their repeated, continuous torture, will let a lot of people lose hope for love.The negative aspect of hades is actually in the personal chart, and if one has the negative aspect of Venus and Pluto, the effect is very similar to that of Venusian Scorpio.However, compared to Venus and Scorpio, people with a negative aspect of Gold and Pluto are bound to have a rough time in their relationships and are bound to encounter some unforgettable love.Whether hurt, or warm, in short, that love will let him a lifetime can not forget.But they clearly know that they can’t be together, or that they can’t be together for all sorts of practical reasons.This is the sadomasochistic love of the golden Destiny, with this aspect of the people, feelings are always hidden taboo, difficult to say.This love is long buried in the heart, but also can not give up.And these people, no matter what, are going through similar relationships.And they like it more.They are more interested in such reversals than in the flatness of their feelings.As if in their world, that’s what love is supposed to be.But falling in love with such a person is extremely dangerous.Because of the negative phase of the golden destiny, all the time no longer send out a fatal attraction, this attraction is likely to bring him a lot of rotten peach blossom, resulting in feelings of a lot of dog blood.But you can’t help it, because the negative aspect of the orb is like that.Such people can be temperamentally complex, both male and female, like roses with thorns.You know you will be hurt, but you will be attracted by the flowers, will be bloomed flowers.But they can’t be tamed by ordinary people, because they’re sadistic.