Pingle Ancient Town Impression of Qionglai City (1)

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Yesterday – on February 3, 2022 half past nine minutes, the old couple with good neighbor Mr Age and his wife lady, in my daughter self-drive, led to straight to chengdu city governs county takes the square of the ancient town, the goal is to want to the local “China’s first bridge”, let’s seven old eighty people also goes back and forth a smartly.Arriving at pingle ancient Town, several parking lots have been jammed with small cars, making parking “hard to find”.The number of visitors shows that this place is very popular.We finally found a “parking space” and paid 10 yuan, which was cheap.My daughter said, “Let me show you around the market first.There are suitable bamboo weaving crafts or characteristic snacks, can buy a little.Find a restaurant near the river and enjoy the view of the ancient bridge while you eat. It will be very comfortable for you.”My daughter has opened a branch factory in Qionglai Industrial Park many years ago, so she is quite familiar with the geographical environment, local people and tourist attractions of Qionglai city.There was no reason why we, four muddled old people, should not accept her arrangement.The author is living in chongzhou Street zi ancient town, there are more than 20 streets.I remember four years ago, when MY eyes were dim and my feet weak, I held an umbrella in the light rain and walked alone for an hour and 30 minutes on the flagstone road. I not only did not walk all the streets, but also lost my way home.Now it only takes about half an hour to walk through the narrow and short stone road in Pingle Ancient Town.Compare that with the scale.But you must not despise the old streets and lanes of this small pingle ancient town, because you can obviously feel it filled with rich ancient information, so that you immediately become nostalgic for the past.From the stalls along the side streets, we can see fried river fish, small river crabs, small bamboo worms, small silkworm pupae, and other unknown kinds of small food, dazzling, you can know how high quality of the original ecological environment here.These rare and rare foods should benefit from the aquatic products of Baimo River, which crosses pingle Ancient Town from west to east.There are also literature records confirm that as early as the Han Dynasty Pingle ancient town has formed a trade market.Moreover, this ancient town is the place where zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru performed the “Phoenix seeks the phoenix” story, which has been passed down by the historical and literary circles.When I was young, I was deeply moved by the faithful love story of Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun, and appreciated the poems of this famous couple in history and culture.Perhaps the 76-year-old author, who is already full of white hair, will be touched by the scenery, most like the ancient poem “Hoary Head Yin” left by zhuo Wenjun, a wonderful and talented girl in those days.The white head sings snow on the mountain, shining like the moon between the clouds.Wen Jun has two meaning, so to refuse.Today’s bucket reception, Ming Dan ditch head.躞蹀 Royal gully, gully water east and west flow.It’s so sad, it’s so sad, it doesn’t take to marry.Would like to have one heart, not from each other.Bamboo he curl, fish tail he 簁簁!Men heavy spirit, no money knife for!The main street of Pingle ancient town, Leshan Street, is a waterscape style street, which is the ancient dwellings of Ming and Qing dynasties.At the end of the street is leshan Bridge.This bridge is a seven-hole stone bridge built in the first year of Tongzhi of qing Dynasty.On the ancient street next to the ancient bridge, the author had the honor to see a porcelain bamboo weaving shop, whose products are exquisite, elegant, delicate, so that the author marveled at it and couldn’t help sighing: “It is really a master in the folk!”It should be said that this shop still benefits from the original ecological bamboo sea in western Sichuan, which is carefully protected by the town. Every high-quality bamboo thread of each exquisite unequably woven bamboo product is all drawn from this bamboo sea.This shop develops the bamboo weaving industry according to local conditions, and the bamboo weaving products made from the bamboo sea in western Sichuan have become a dazzling pearl and a beautiful scenery line in the beautiful countryside of Sichuan, and have been listed in the List of China’s intangible cultural heritage.In the face of a dazzling array of porcelain bamboo woven goods, the author full of praise;My daughter took a small bowl big porcelain bamboo woven tea pot for a long time, fondly, asked the shopkeeper how much it cost.Mr. You, the owner, said, “280 yuan is necessary.””If you like it, you can buy it,” I told my daughter.Of course, without hesitation, her daughter immediately a lot of money to pay the money, this just happily left to make the author unforgettable this porcelain bamboo weaving boutique store.Next stop, we want to go to the west of Sichuan Zhuhai scenic spot, in a hurry to board the “China’s first cable bridge”.That comes later.Please wait patiently until tomorrow to see my blog on Pingle Historic Town (ii).