Unemployed center and rookie center join forces to pick the no. 1 center!

2022-06-22 0 By

The SUNS continue to win, another wave of nine straight wins, quietly as the leader, have the strength to low-key point is no good!At home, the SUNS were fierce and easily scored 40 points in the first quarter, while the wolves on the road did not give up much, scoring 32 points with a wild blast, apparently both sides are in good shape.In the second quarter, the two sides continued to attack, and the Timberwolves suddenly turned on their momentum, relying on the momentum of the multiple flowering they had to level the score at one point in the quarter.Paul took control late in the game, tying up with Booker on back-to-back baskets with just over a minute left in the second quarter to push the lead back to eight.I have to say, the SUNS ‘best point right now is in Paul, as long as he plays normally, the SUNS are guaranteed to win.On the other hand, as the SUNS ‘best point, Paul is 36 years old, so his fitness and competitive status will be a huge test.And once the other team goes after Cp3 and deliberately consumes him, the SUNS ‘strongest point becomes the SUNS’ weakest point because they don’t have a proper replacement for Cp3.After falling behind in the second half, the Timberwolves organized several rallies, but each time when they wanted to catch up, Paul always stepped up in time, either scoring or assisting, the Timberwolves finally had to come back without success.In the end, the SUNS beat the SUNS 134 to 124, winning their ninth straight game.Throughout the game, the SUNS won not only because of the steady play of Paul, but also because of the steady output of two unremarkable figures, and beat towns, the no. 1 overall pick.Towns finished with 23 points, nine rebounds and five assists, and the SUNS combined for 24 points and 16 rebounds to outdo the no. 1 center on the bench.Let’s just say Biyongbo is a perfect fit for the SUNS, or that traditional legendary point guard Chris Paul is a seamless fit for any center.Again, Paul is the sun’s strongest point and could be the Sun’s biggest weakness!