Winter Olympics have you | February 5, they who can win the Beijing Winter Olympics first gold?

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Cross-country skiing, known as the “snow marathon”, became the first Winter Olympics event in 1924.As a traditional sport, 36 MEDALS will be awarded in 12 sports over 10 competition days.On February 5, the women’s double chase (7.5km traditional technique + 7.5km free technique) is expected to win the first gold medal of the Winter Olympics.In the preparation cycle of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese cross-country ski team selected talents from cycling, marathon, rowing and other events.The youth team, composed of athletes from the post-90s and post-00s, has for the first time covered all cross-country skiing events at the Winter Olympics.It is worth mentioning that the Chinese cross-country ski team is composed of athletes from many ethnic groups such as Han, Uygur and Tibetan.Let’s meet the women cross-country skiers first.Li Xin was born in Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province in 1992. Her first impression is that she is a shy girl who loves to laugh.Such a humble girl in the crowd won all the small events in the 13th National Winter Games in 2016.She once said, “Cross-country skiing is my dream, I will not give up, with a heart of gratitude, always insist, strive to win glory for the country in international events.”In 2016, she was just 18 years old when she won the silver medal in the women’s 5km freestyle at the 2016 Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.Two years later, She competed in three events at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and made rapid progress.Chi Chunxue has become the backbone of China’s cross-country ski team.Dinegar Yilamujiang was born in Altay city in May 2001. Her father Yilamujiang Mulaji was an outstanding cross-country skier in Xinjiang in the 1980s. She began skiing training at the age of 12 under her father’s guidance.Diniger was 18 years old when she finished second in the women’s category at the 2019 IAF Cross-country Ski Championship.Bayani Galin was born in altay in 1999. In 2017, he was selected as a cross-country cross-sport skier by the General Administration of Sport of China.In 2018, Bayani Garin went to Norway for training with the Xinjiang Group of the National Cross-country skiing team.Bayani Garin won the women’s free technical 30km collective start at the 2021-2022 IAF FIS Points Series in Wenquan, Xinjiang.Ma Qinghua: “When I am different from the world, let me be different. Persistence for me is just to be tough.””This is ma Qinghua’s favorite phrase, she is in the process of preparing for the Winter Olympics.In the 2020-2021 National Cross-country Skiing Championship, Ma Qinghua and Li Xin won the first place in the women’s team short distance (traditional) event with a time of 26.08.65.Chen Shuang won the women’s 30km free technique event in 1 hour 22.53.7 seconds at the 2020-2021 National Cross-country Skiing Championships.In October 2021, she joined the national women’s cross-country skiing relay team.Together to the future!Cheer for the Chinese women’s cross-country Ski Team!Refueling for the Winter Olympic athletes!Source/Cartography of China Women’s Network/Editor li Lingxiao/signed by Chen Xiaobing/produced by Zhifei/Xi Shujun