From next month, Xiangtan city will carry out centralized supervision on imported cold chain food

2022-06-23 0 By

On March 28, xiangtan daily all media reporters learned from the city market regulator that from next month, every state decentralized supervised warehouse or other city of hunan province provincial ChuQinRou flowing into the city, aquatic products, frozen dairy products, such as import cold-chain food, are leading in xiangtan city entrance cold-chain food concentration supervised warehouse, preventive comprehensive disinfection and by batch nucleic acid detection,Hold the “Xiangtan City Imported cold Chain Food Centralized Supervision out of the warehouse certificate” out of the warehouse, xiangtan city within the scope of storage, sales and production and processing.This is a new measure taken by Xiangtan City to further strengthen the prevention and control of COVID-19, to maximize the spread risk of imported cold-chain food, to severely crack down on smuggling of cold-chain food, and to ensure the safety of people’s lives and health.Preliminary preparation according to the unified deployment of the province and the arrangement of the Municipal Party committee and government, at the beginning of this year, Xiangtan City market supervision bureau began to actively promote the import of cold chain food centralized supervision warehouse construction.After research, feeling and work cohesion report, the final determination of xiangtan Yongfeng cold chain Logistics Co., Ltd. to build the city’s import cold chain food centralized supervision warehouse.Under the joint efforts of all departments, the supervision warehouse has completed the supervision warehouse partition layout, decoration and reconstruction, system improvement, “Xiang cold chain” platform docking and other work.It is reported that the centralized supervision warehouse into the implementation of the reservation system.Where the key varieties of imported cold chain food into Xiangtan city outside the city, the owner of the goods must be reported to the city centralized supervision warehouse office 24 hours in advance.Any business entity that stores, sells, produces and processes imported cold chain food must carry out activation verification of “Xiang Cold Chain” platform and make an appointment at “Xiang Cold Chain” platform.If the nucleic acid test of key imported cold-chain food samples is negative in centralized supervision warehouse, the owner shall be notified to pick up the goods by SMS or wechat.”Centralized warehouses will play an important role in cutting off the transmission channels of potential outbreaks, improving the efficiency of emergency disposal of problem frozen products and saving disposal costs.”Xiangtan City Market supervision Bureau related person in charge of the introduction, the market supervision department will rely on centralized supervision warehouse, timely risk warning, to achieve the closed-loop management of imported cold chain food traceability.Source: Xiangtan online client Xiangtan Daily all media reporter: Chen Ziwen