Good books. To be successful, you need to be with successful people

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Yesterday, I shared a book, but I didn’t get much feedback from you, so I urged you to update it. Today, I kept working to bring you more and better new books!Come and see!I long for success as fish long for the sea, birds long for the sky;I desire success, as horses desire prairie, car desire avenue, I desire success, as infants desire milk, seedlings desire dew.Success is a kind of joy, success is a kind of confidence, success is also a kind of hone, success is also a rare precious determination to adhere to.Introvert Advantage: Introverted You, how to explode potential energy, show their competitiveness by Zhao JingThis book analyzes the advantages and potential influence of introverts, expounds the unique advantages of introverts in social, workplace, business and other aspects, so that introverts in-depth understanding of their own characteristics and advantages, to build a strong confidence.The current negative judgments about introverts are often not biological or intellectual, but cultural. It can be argued that it is the extroversion of society that has led introverts to be ignored and belittled, especially in Western culture.In general, they prefer pompous expression.(Click below to read for free) “Li Shutong’s Zen Heart Life” by Li Shihua Content Introduction: He left endless spiritual wealth for the world, his life is full of legend, he is gorgeous to the extreme to plain typical figure.No matter what path you choose, you can reach the pinnacle in this field, which is amazing and endlessly admired.His life, full of strange adventures, is an incomprehensible book.As his friend, the modern famous writer, literature home summer Mian statue in the preface of “master hong yi, perpetuate the record” outlined in it: “the master’s life, for engaging the proper childe of, is the person of passionate, which is just the artist, the educator of serious, as if the precepts of a rigorous buddhist monk, died in order to go west, good luck is good.Its track is like real and unreal, unpredictable, almost called the game of the world.Who was born for a great cause?”This is also the view of the intellectual circle on Li Shutong – Hongyi master.(click on the below free reading) “jewish wisdom book: the highest thinking” author: lianshan content abstract: American writer Mark Twain once wrote: “the number of the jews for less than 1% of the total number of human, it should be as small as a small cluster of brilliant Milky Way, but they often become the topic, get the attention of people.”Although the population of the Jewish nation is small, it has made outstanding contributions to the development of world civilization.Take a look at the list below to see the greatness and excellence of the Jews.6. On the world economic stage, Jews can be seen everywhere.In economic theory research, there are David Ricardo, Nobel Prize winner in economics K.J.World-renowned economists such as Arrow, P.A. Samuelson and Simon;In terms of economic management, we have the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan.In the financial field, nearly half of the Wall Street financiers are Jewish, J.P. Morgan, Lehman, Salomon Brothers, George Soros are the top figures;In the business world, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Mussel, Hammer’s famous people are still deafening;In the media industry, Reuter, Pulitzer, William Paley of CBS, Sarnoff of NBC, and Oakes of The New York Times are all Jewish.In the world of film and television entertainment, Hollywood is literally jewish.The earliest Hollywood pioneers, the founder of METRO-Goldwyn, Warner Brothers, Paramount and Fox are all Jewish.(Click below to read for free) Thank you for your reading. If you feel the book recommended by xiaobian meets your taste, you are welcome to give us a comment and leave a message. You are also welcome to continue to pay attention to me.Life can not be without persistence, persistence is a door to open the golden avenue of future life.Therefore, persistence also needs persistence!On the road of the future, we move forward with you, come on!