Henan satellite TV whole new live again, one dance “dream lotus” again stunning 4

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As we all know, in this era of pan-entertainment phenomenon flooding the Internet, there are fewer and fewer media that do content seriously.But there is a media has done “out of the mud and not dyed, zhuo Qinglian and not demon”, they are Henan SATELLITE TV.From “Tang Palace Banquet” to “Luo Shen Shui Fu”, Henan SATELLITE TV with full of traditional cultural elements of the quality of the program again and again.And recently, Henan satellite TV again with a dance “dream lotus” mercilessly shocked an audience.The dance “Dream Lotus” uses the dance song “Dream Lotus”, the promotion song of the same name of the mobile game “Dream Westward Journey”, which comes from the hands of the music master Guan Continent.Guan Dazhou has produced music for variety shows such as “You Can Say”, “Open The Door”, “Avenue of Stars”, and also served as music director for “National Treasure”.A large number of traditional Musical Instruments such as guzheng, guqin and pipa are used in the song.Back to the program itself, the color palette of the whole program is sky blue, referring to henan Ru porcelain.Ru porcelain is famous for firing celadon, and its texture is “more like jade than jade”;The color is simple but elegant and natural, and it has the reputation of “qingyun breaks after the rain”.So the overall tone will give a person is clear, noble texture.At the beginning of the program, the Angle of view gradually draws away with teacher Yang wu’s hand dance lotus, and the scene gradually becomes bright from dark.A lotus blossoms in the middle of the dance floor.From Teacher Yang sitting on the lotus seat, to gradually stand, until walking down the lotus pond, with the tune, the movement gradually stretch, just like a lotus from growth to bloom.As Miss Yang stepped down from the lotus pond, the scene switched instantly, with the blue water and the blue sky interwoven in one place. Miss Yang stepped on the lotus and stepped forward.It is said that when Sakyamuni was born, he walked seven steps around, and seven lotus flowers appeared at his feet, pointing one finger to the sky and one finger to the ground.So xiaobian also dare to guess, the scene design here should be out of this story, the integration of a unique Oriental aesthetic, meaning another secular birth of life.After the lotus step, the flowers are fully spread out and the rhythm of the music gradually comes to a climax.Yang’s dancing posture also gradually became open and open, with the dance posture changes, there are frequent scene switching and camera rotation.Xiaobian feel light this section of mirror can be written into the textbook!I never thought dancing could have such a powerful impact.A dance let the pond lotus directly jump from the pool to the clouds, swimming in the sky.This performance really tells the audience what “blooming” means.Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful flowers bloom, they will wither.As the music gradually flattens out, the dancing lotus can only fall back to the water.Just like a beautiful dance, there will be an end.With the end of the dance, the dancer is placed in the lotus position, which can only leave the audience marveling at how time flies.Just as the director wants to express: “The same lotus, different people can create different dreams after seeing it”.In the opinion of the editor, the perfect unity of dance and lotus seems to let me really see the lotus image praised by ancient scholars and calligrapher. When I was a child, I always thought: is the lotus really so beautiful?Well, now we’ve met.Bright lotus rui, pavilions out of the water.A stem solitary green, double shadows share out dividends.Color wins the song face, fragrant chaos dance clothes wind.Name lotus since can read, in case of two hearts with.Du Gongzhan marveled at the charm of dance music, but also couldn’t help but sigh that such a beautiful artistic conception came from a game.Just like the name of the dream West Mobile tour: like a dream, unreal.On second thought, games can be called the “ninth Art” for a good reason: they are a combination of words, graphics, music and other art fields.At the same time, thanks to games, it’s nice to see these areas of art being promoted and talked about again.