NBA Bulls vs. Raptors The Raptors’ closing down doesn’t necessarily work

2022-06-23 0 By

Yesterday’s article the Raptors 125-113 Hornets, favored by two teams that combined to score more than 221 points, were correct.Today’s analysis of tomorrow’s Bulls – Raptors game.The bulls last game of personnel changes, lavine back, but derozan was absent, weapons injured play, other core players Ball, Caruso will be absent for a period of time.Derozan did not have any injury news, should be the previous period of time alone with the team is too tired, so the rest of the rotation.Lavine’s first game back was 6 of 19, below expectations and season average, it seems the injury is still not a small impact on him.The Raptors are back-to-back, and is the third game in four days, the schedule is tough, today’s game against the Hornets is home, certainly more attention to today’s game, so tomorrow this away game, the Raptors state is not small doubt.Compared the two teams, is undoubtedly the stronger the raptors some bull’s strength, and the raptors closing down and rob play very need physical support, and the bull’s error is not more than, just a rebound protection ability, as well as the substitute of ability is bad, but the raptors like use short rotation, every game for the consumption of the main players are big, so under the intensive schedule,The Raptors are unlikely to be on their best form, and the Bulls are expected to win by more than four points as they return to a strong home court with demar derozan back.