O ‘Sullivan led 2-0, suffered a three-game comeback, 1-3, qualifying prospects in doubt

2022-06-23 0 By

In the early hours of February 2, in the round robin of the 2021-22 Champions League, O ‘Sullivan took on gould, his fourth opponent, 2-0 and was beaten 3-2 by Gould.O ‘Sullivan 1-3, qualifying is urgent!O ‘Sullivan opened the match against Karen Wilson, who scored 60 runs in the first frame to win 109-17.The second set was won 70-34 by Wilson.In the third frame, Wilson scored 118.O ‘Sullivan 0-3 Wilson.In the second match, O ‘Sullivan faced Higgins, who scored 100 points in the first frame to win 114-0, 68-42 in the second and 62-43 in the third.O ‘Sullivan 0-3 Higgins, bitter second straight defeat.O ‘Sullivan took the first 3-2 win in 5 sets against Richie – Walton.O ‘Sullivan won the first game 70-29 against Martin Gould in the fourth. O ‘Sullivan scored 116 runs in the second game to win 140-0.O ‘Sullivan led 2-0 before Gould clawed back 70-2 in the fourth set. Gould scored 70 points in a single stroke to catch up again in the decider, which gould scored 101 points in a single stroke.In the standings, Karen Wilson is 4-0 at the top, Carter Higgins ding junhui is 2-1, O ‘Sullivan is 1-3 at the fifth, Gould is 1-2 at the sixth and Ricky Walton is 0-4 at the bottom.