The Gladiator Sisters strike again!Can we win against the Killer Bees?

2022-06-23 0 By

With the New Year’s bell approaching, things are slowly returning to normal. On Friday, February 11, the new ONE Championship will be held, “Fighting Lin Sister” Lin Ho Qin will have her first fight in 2022.The past year did not go well for Linholgin. After two years of suffering from injuries, linholgin finally recovered, unexpectedly met with the “tough” Ruto Foga. Although linholgin had a great chance to crush her opponent on the stand, but was dragged to the ground by Ruto, the gap between the two was rapidly widened.The technical gap on the ground widened into a complete defeat, and it was Linholgen’s first defeat on the court since 2017.With this fight, Linholgen fell straight off the official list.The imagined return of the king did not succeed, the long off-season of injury plus the return of the first fight failed, this will bring great psychological pressure to the boxer, whether in such a heavy psychological pressure nirvana, depends on how Lin Heqin to adjust.As far as the current form is concerned, linholl should be well adjusted. This year’s first competition of Linholl is more or less like “starting from scratch”.Another interesting opponent was Nguyen Bi, the Vietnamese-American killer bee who handed Ratu Foga his first defeat.Speaking of Ruan Bi, many boxing fans who watch the ONE Championship are not unfamiliar with it. The match with Ruan Bi was impressive. Although ruan bi’s record is not impressive, the ONE Championship record is 2-4, but ONE of those two victories was Ruan.Compared to Ruetu Foga, who is extremely “amateur” in wrestling, Ruan Bi is more well-rounded. Not only her ground skills are outstanding, but also her standing skills are commendable, which was proved when she competed against Ruetu.But she was also less aggressive in wrestling than Ruetu Foga, giving Linholgen more tactical options to play to her strengths.In the eyes of boxing fans, the ONE Championship is like a scary arena, where many famous fighters have lost their battles, and people always talk about the famous fighters who once were bright, but now have lost their battles.The fight side gets attention, the fans get to see a good fight, and in a big “carnival” where only the fighter seems to be injured, don’t take a fighter’s determination to defend his glory lightly by any means.Just because they have been brilliant, they will be more eager to return to the audience’s vision again, I believe that when deciding to fight Ruan Bi, Lin Ho Qin saw not only this tough opponent, but also wanted to take back those who once belonged to their own.