‘The passengers in your car are fugitives!The ride-hailing driver got a call from the police on speakerphone and was stunned

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On February 16th,58 net about car driver in hangzhou, zhejiang province, China master (name) in yuhang district shortly after receiving a young man man get on the bus began to sleep close to the destination China teacher suddenly got a call from police told the man to the police station originally teacher realized that this man was a criminal suspect China closed down a hands-free cell phone was still on a hands-free hurriedly and locked the door was already awake heard the young peopleHis dialogue and the police but it seems not completely awake couldn’t follow his dialogue and civilian police China master navigation to the nearest wulin police station will the criminal suspect with police uniform opened more than a year of net teacher didn’t know about car of China early in the morning the business by the way help police catch a criminal suspect “give me a call the police, the suspect was sitting in my co-pilot!I tried to keep him out of the car.We drivers, you know, answer the phone on speakerphone.That nervous ah!”Master Hua said “thrilling” twice in an interview, “but I thought there was something wrong with this guy from the very beginning.”Suspect a taxi crazy output golden words on February 16, around half past ten in the morning China master old yuhang received a list in the destination is phoenix road subway Station Road for more than an hour 39 points, 10 passengers get on the bus master a look at the China was not yourself — skinny young man wearing a black cap, wearing a black mask his hat down,The young man’s words also made Master Hua feel that he was not a serious person. “Oh, this place is boring to death, with nothing and no fun.”The passenger was a chatterbag, and the taxi driver was happy to chat all the way, and the excitement would not be less.Master Hua also said to him, “You don’t play mahjong, time passes quickly.”The boy suddenly became interested: “If you play around all day, time will pass quickly.Time passes slowly if you are shut up in a place where play allows you to play and no work is required.It’s like being in a jail. One day in there is like three days out.”Master Hua felt a little confused and replied symbolically, “That’s right, there is no personal freedom, and what’s more, all the people you contact from day to day are prisoners…….”The young man “corrects” however: “This don’t say oh, in the words of the inside, the prisoner’s quality is higher than that of the outside.”Master Hua could not bear it. “Well, when they come out, they will be very good brothers, huh?”At this time, the young man continued to export, talking about his “philosophy of life” : “As long as anyone can enter the rich or expensive people.Most people go in, come out every two or three days, I generally do not contact with them.At least three, four, five, or six years. People like that are easy to contact.””Err, yes……””For a man who has been in the army all his life, or has been in prison, it is considered that he has suffered hardship, which can strengthen his will.Today s only daughter, mombo boy, has no independence in society…….As the car continued to drive towards the city, the young man gradually lost his sense of sleepiness, tilted his head and fell into a deep sleep. When the police made the call, the suspect was sitting next to him.Just as Master Hua was about to let passengers off the bus, he received a call from the police. “The phone said there was a suspect on my bus and I was asked to find the nearest police station instead of letting him off.”Phone open hands-free China master in the mind a surprised, pinching off a hands-free immediately searched the nearest police station about two kilometers wulin police station about heavy of a night didn’t sleep just wake up, young man, master subconsciously locked the door, not aware of China chapter continued the young man was discovered by police a hangzhou public security) (source: “it is nervous, suffering two kilometers.It’s my responsibility. This is a suspect and I can’t let him get away.I think so. He is guilty, and I am just.”Master Hua has made up his mind to drive to wulin police station as fast as possible. If the suspect opens the door and escapes, he will drive to the curb or the wall and get stuck. When he drives to guanxiang, he sees the unit with the national emblem far away.When the young man got off the car also fortunately he is unfamiliar with the city car for a moment looking for places in China when master heart under tension across the master come forward to say more than a dozen meters away from a police China guy instantly alert turned and fled into the roadside toilet was trapped inside wulin police station of several other police rushed to the scene at the end of the day, the suspect press down on the side of the road under control in the afternoon,The suspect was brought back to Yuhang.This is a suspected thief, Zhang, 23 years old, chun ‘an, with a criminal record.That morning, Yuhang police received a report from Mr. Li, whose mobile phone shop worth more than 30,000 yuan stolen items.Yuhang police station in conjunction with the criminal investigation brigade launched an investigation, through a number of police synthetic combat, half an hour locked a chapter, then contacted the shu police to help arrest.After investigation, on February 15 evening, zhang mou in yuhang Street Yu Hang road some mobile phone shop door theft more than 10 mobile phones and a laptop.At present, some stolen mobile phones and laptops have been seized by the police, the rest of the mobile phone police sold by zhang is actively carrying out the stolen goods pull damage work, the case is further handled.Thumbs up to Master Hua for staying calm!Source: Eastday.com comprehensive extreme news, Hangzhou Daily, Hangzhou public Security editor: Yuzu review: Qian Chengcan