The three biggest difficulties of vaginal birth test puerpera, good luck will not encounter, all experienced very little

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For pregnant mothers, childbirth is the final test for them, many pregnant mothers are worried that they encounter various difficulties in the process of childbirth.Indeed, there are many difficulties in the process of childbirth, but not all women will meet, if luck is better, can easily avoid, so that the process of childbirth will be more smooth.Before Ms. Ding went into labor, the doctor said that there was a possibility of a natural birth in her condition, but there was also a certain risk of dystocia.Female Ding has always preferred a natural birth, so she chose a natural birth without hesitation.Wait until the day of delivery, Ms. Ding because it is the first child, so the time to open the palace mouth was fully used for nearly a day, from time to time the pain of Ms. Ding torture physical and mental exhaustion.By the time the palace opened, Ms. Ding felt she was running out of energy.Into the second labor, ms ding also concentrate on, want to hurry the child born, originally the second labor primipara generally not more than three hours, but ms ding around for two hours, still not much progress, and have been feeling very tired, tired of big gasp, even eat the food of the supplement energy.The doctor saw Ms. Ding appeared vaginal labor weakness, so it suggested, “If you continue like this, the fetus is certainly not delivered, then there will be suffocation, the risk of dystocia is still very big, if you feel really no strength to give birth, it is recommended that you turn to caesarean section.”Originally weak Ms. Ding, heard the doctor said that shun dissection, suddenly became spiritual, thought that have experienced so long pain, now to caesarean section, is not to experience double torture.At the thought of here, Ms. Ding again played up the spirit, with the command of the doctor, in the skill of force and breathing, the child was born smoothly, Ms. Ding oneself are feeling very not easy.01 to deliver the most test maternal three difficulties, don’t lucky meeting, all experienced a little in the process of natural birth, mothers may experience of the first big difficulties should be “shoulder dystocia, for normal pregnant women, the probability of shoulder dystocia is relatively small, but for overweight pregnant women, the highest rates of shoulder dystocia can reach more than 20%.To know, if there is shoulder dystocia in the process of vaginal labor, then the risk is great, because this situation belongs to the head of the baby has been delivered, but because the baby’s shoulder is larger, stuck in the maternal symphysis pubis, delivery is not out, which is shoulder dystocia.Usually, shoulder dystocia needs to be managed by an experienced receiver, who squeezes and spins to help deliver the baby.If it is really can not be handled, coupled with this situation is not suitable for caesarean section, it may need to maternal pubic effect, to be able to let the baby out smoothly, but once this extreme method is used, it will bring great negative effects to maternal, is likely to cause irreversible damage.In addition, shoulder dystocia is also a great risk to the mother and the baby. If it can not be handled in time, it may lead to suffocation of the baby, and cause maternal hemorrhage, and so on, or even threaten the safety of life.Puerpera in the process of vaginal labor may appear the second biggest difficulty is hand placenta peeling, when the puerpera successfully put the baby after delivery, some puerpera may not be delivered together with the placenta, this is mainly because the placenta tightly attached to the uterine wall, so can not be discharged.In this case, you need a doctor to hand peel the placenta, the doctor will be after disinfection treatment, hand into the maternal uterus, the placenta will be stripped from the uterine wall, in this process, the maternal will feel great pain.Many women said that this pain is even more severe than the pain of childbirth, because it is equivalent to stripping the meat directly, there is no anesthetic effect, plus the maternal had given birth to the child, muscles, nerves and so on just relax, again stimulated, the pain will be more intense.The third major difficulty that puerpera have to go through is the anteriorization mentioned in the above case. No puerpera is willing to go through the pain of caesarean section again after experiencing the pain of vaginal birth for as long as ten or twenty hours, which can be said to be double torture.At the same time, this is a great test for maternal mood and psychology, many maternal difficult to accept the continuation of the dissection.Few puerpera in natural birth, the above three situations will experience, lucky puerpera may not experience.Of course, the process of natural birth is definitely more than these bitter to experience, whether in labor, or after the end of childbirth, women have to suffer a lot.Therefore, it is hoped that the families can give more encouragement and help to the new mothers, and do not let them feel that they are alone in the fight, otherwise it will make them feel more painful.