A good citizen called the police to find the owner

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On the afternoon of February 1, a girl accompanied her mother to a bank teller machine to withdraw money, and accidentally lost a wallet containing red envelopes of cash in the ATM.Citizens qin Ms. Found the wallet, timely alarm to the police detachment liu Beida police, finally returned to the original owners.At 15 o ‘clock in the afternoon, Liuzhou citizens Qin Lady came to the North Sparrow road Fujiang Small garden next to the Liuzhou Bank ATM, found a red wallet on the window table, opened the bag found more than 400 yuan in cash, in place for a while also did not see the owner, they called the police for help.Liu North team Huangcun police station police quickly arrived at the scene after receiving the police.Just then, a mother and daughter hurried to the bank to look for the purse.It turned out that the woman, surnamed Liang, had taken her daughter to the bank to withdraw money that day. Her daughter had carelessly put her wallet on the ATM table nearby.After Ms. Liang withdrawals, two people left, the daughter forgot to take the wallet, fast back home, Ms. Liang daughter found her wallet missing, so came looking for.Police at the scene confirmed that it was Ms. Liang’s daughter’s wallet and the correct amount, the wallet was returned to its owner.Get the lost wallet, Ms. Liang daughter is very excited, she said the wallet is his two days received New Year’s money, ready to buy school supplies, if gone, must be very unhappy, fortunately met enthusiastic qin aunt help her custody, also reported to the police.”Thank you so much for your aunt and uncle police. Happy New Year and the Year of the Tiger!”.Before leaving, mother and daughter repeatedly thanked Qin Ms. And the police.