Enrollment depends on “second kill”, once in school, do not want to graduate: the university for the elderly is overcrowded

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Line up for registration offline, online please children “kill” degree;Once you enter school, you don’t want to graduate. Your school age is as long as the school history.The proportion of men and women imbalance, “sunset red” class is a lot of uniform “half the sky”……With the deepening of population aging, China’s demand for education for the elderly is growing rapidly, but universities for the elderly, open universities and other educational institutions for the elderly are often difficult to find, highlighting many deep-seated problems in resource supply, channel sinking, departmental coordination and other aspects.Wang, who recently moved his parents from their hometown in Shandong province to live with him in Guangzhou, had the same trouble he had when he was trying to get a degree for his children.They have no circle of friends in Guangzhou, and their mother likes to play erhu, so she really wants to have some friends to play with.How to let the elderly establish their own social circle in the big city?At the suggestion of a friend, Mr. Wang thought of signing up for the elderly university.When Wang checked online, he found that guangzhou University for the Aged was recruiting students for the spring class of 2022. However, he was “happy for only three seconds” and had no choice.As it turned out, when the wechat channel was opened, the 93 newly opened classes were almost full, and the “hot majors” such as erhu, Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese medicine, which the elderly wanted to sign up for, were already full.When he called Guangzhou Open University, a staff member told him that all the degrees had been queued up on the spot. He had to wait until march to see if there were any old people who had signed up to drop out. “If we are lucky, we will find a mistake.”With good hardware conditions, provincial and municipal senior universities are hard to find, and towns, streets and communities are also full of graduates.The Academy for the Elderly in Tianfu Community, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen city, Guangdong Province, offers three classes on electric piano, vocal music and dance, with more than 50 degrees.”This academy for the elderly covers five communities with a population of nearly 10,000. 50 degrees is really a drop in the bucket.”Lin Xiaohong, director of the Tianfu Community Neighborhood Committee, said that every time a degree is released, it is “second light”. Some elderly people cannot get it online, so they go to the scene to ask if there is still a chance, only to leave in despair.According to the results of the seventh national census, China has about 260 million people aged 60 or above, accounting for 18.7 percent of the total population.By the end of 2019, there were about 10.88 million students in China’s universities for the elderly, according to the recently released Report on China’s Education Development for the Elderly (2019-2020), led by the China Association of Senior Universities.”In recent years, the country has continued to promote the development of education for the elderly, but with the deepening of the aging of the population, the spiritual and cultural needs of the elderly are growing rapidly, and the shortage of education resources for the elderly, the imbalance between urban and rural development and regional development, and the imperfect security mechanism are prominent contradictions.””Said Xiong Jun, president of Guangzhou Open University.”Since the establishment of the school in 2008, there are 50 to 60 students who have been studying and do not want to graduate, as long as the school history.”Guangdong a city – level senior cadres university vice president said.Half month talk reporter interview found that behind the “university”, the reflection is the elderly to enrich the spiritual life of the strong demand.The first is that the generation born in the 1950s and 1960s grew up without access to a good education, and “recycling” is also making up for that deficiency.Secondly, with the rapid development of economy and society, digitalization is everywhere. Many elderly people are not able to pay by mobile phone, scan the health code, and understand navigation, which leads to many inconveniences in life. They hope to catch up with the pace of society through learning and not to be left too far behind.In addition, many empty-nesters, solitary old people lack family companionship, emotional emptiness, and a large number of old people from other places with the city in a strange environment, no circle of friends, university for the elderly become an important place for them to get rid of the “loneliness”.An interesting phenomenon found in the interview is that many students in the “sunset red” class are all “half of the sky”.According to the Report on The Development of Education for the Elderly in China (2019-2020), the ratio of male to female students in senior universities is about 3:7.”We’ve worked hard all our lives, we’ve done a lot for our families and our children, and now we’re older and we want to do something we’re interested in.”Zhang, 61, said that while her retired husband prefers to stay at home with their children, she prefers to go to a senior university, travel around the country and “fly free” with her new sisters.Faced with fierce competition from offline universities for the elderly, some avant-garde seniors choose to work online.Ms. Huang, 65, a Beijing resident, loves music when she was young. Now she has retired and stayed at home, choosing to learn singing online at a vocal music online school for the elderly.”The course I take costs 299 yuan a year, and the teachers are all professional professors from the conservatory. There are even celebrities who often visit the classroom. I attend classes on time and hand in my homework every day.If that’s expensive, there are plenty of free classes.”Ms. Huang said that online education can access better teachers and be more flexible. “When you are older, it is inevitable that you will feel uncomfortable one day. When you are absent from class, you can watch the replay and nothing will be delayed.By the end of 2019, China had about 76,000 universities (schools) for the elderly, and online digital education has gradually become an important form of education for the elderly, with more than 6,000 long-distance education schools, about six times the number in 2017, according to the Report on the Development of Education for the Elderly in China (2019-2020).According to the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Strengthening Work on Aging in the New Era released in November 2021, education for the elderly will be included in the lifelong education system.We will encourage universities for the elderly set up by departments, industrial enterprises, and colleges and universities to be open to the public.Experts say China’s current education for the elderly is absolutely dominated by party committees and the government, but there are many departments involved, and there are many problems.Half month talk reporters learned that the departments in charge of the elderly university held around the organization department, the bureau of veteran cadres, the elderly Committee, education, culture, civil affairs, women’s federation, etc.Different departments have different powers and responsibilities, according to their own school-running philosophy and the allocation of human and financial resources, “eight immortals crossing the sea”, resulting in no unified management and assessment standards.There is insufficient coordination among various regions, departments and higher and lower levels, and there are many constraints.Relying on the Open University (formerly radio and Television University) to develop education for the elderly is one of the important measures in many places.Many parts of the responsible person of the Open University, the school is a commonweal second unit, a few years ago, record of formal schooling education demand registration number, the day of the school is better, can education for the elderly of non-academic education development “blood transfusion”, record of formal schooling education enrollment declined obviously in recent years, if there is no increase financial support, for the cost of the old education is stretched.Tian Jianchuan “Universities for the aged have a strong public welfare nature, so they cannot make money by charging tuition fees. In fact, each semester only costs one or two hundred yuan.Where will the cost of the space, office, hardware and faculty come from?”The head of an Open University in a prefecture-level city in Guangdong province said that teachers directly affect the level of teaching, and now they can only pay more than 100 yuan per class.Due to low pay, it is difficult to invite teachers to teach, and those with high levels are more reluctant to come.At present, some “good units”, large state-owned enterprises or universities have set up their own universities for the elderly, but only recruit retired employees from their own units.Some local universities for senior cadres have requirements on the level, title and academic background of applicants, which makes the majority of the elderly back away.The respondents suggested that more investment should be made to expand the supply of education resources for the elderly and improve the management mechanism.At the same time, resources sharing across regions, departments and industries will be promoted, social forces will be encouraged to participate actively, and the right of the elderly to education will be guaranteed through joint efforts of all parties.At present, the level of attention paid by party and government leaders at all levels directly affects the development level of education for the elderly.Experts believe that China’s education for the elderly is in urgent need of reform from top to bottom. The central government should focus on the top-level design, formulate mid – and long-term plans for the development of education for the elderly and the corresponding evaluation programs.We should ensure that the plan has detailed rules for implementation, is operable, and that the main body is clearly defined and rights and responsibilities are clearly distinguished.At the same time, we will coordinate and accelerate the legislative process of education for the elderly and lifelong education, so that education for the elderly is standardized, assessed and supervised.Jiangmen xinhui students at the university of retired veteran cadres in calligraphy Tian Jianchuan Xiong Jun thinks, proceed with the old education must have a sound leadership, can be set up by the local municipal party committee, deputy secretary of the lead organization, education, civil affairs, culture and so on many departments responsible comrades as members of the leading group, break the dragon water conservancy, the situation of poor co-ordination,And the elderly education work into the party committee and the government’s important agenda and target assessment.Interviewed experts believe that resource sharing should be actively promoted.In terms of teaching venues, vocational schools, community party and mass service centers, cultural centers, stadiums and other potential resources should be fully tapped to use and squeeze out unused areas.In terms of network resources, it integrates the network resources of radio and television universities, colleges, party schools, vocational schools and other institutions, and integrates all streams into a big lake.For example, many vocational schools offer health care, information technology, horticulture and flowers and other majors, which are highly matched with the needs of the elderly. They can develop education courses for the elderly based on school characteristics, and provide support services for communities, education institutions for the elderly and pension service institutions.In addition, social forces should be actively guided to participate in education for the elderly.Half Month talk reporters in Jiangmen, Foshan interview saw that some counties through the government purchase services, the introduction of social work organizations for the elderly to open smart phone use training classes, anti-telecom fraud lectures, electricity safety lectures, and the regular “send lessons to the countryside”, welcomed by the elderly and praise.Source: Half month on new media