What happened to the trees Jack Ma spent hundreds of millions of dollars to plant in the desert?

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Human beings are the most subjective creatures on the earth at present, and naturally bear more responsibility for protecting the earth.Especially now that it’s hard for humans to survive without earth.The slogan “It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the earth” has long been known to the public.As an important measure to “protect the earth”, the protection of forest vegetation and the promotion of greening of the land have also made some new progress under the promotion of the state and non-governmental public welfare organizations.In 2016, Ma Sensed a business opportunity under the craze of public welfare.More Alipay accounts have also been activated as a charity game called “Ant Forest” has entered the alipay sector.Ma Yun has gained great commercial benefits and alipay has gained more public praise and recognition.It is worth mentioning that by responding to the national green finance strategy and advocating the policy of devoting himself to public welfare, Jack Ma has attracted the attention of more leaders. Ant Forest is exported to the world as a Chinese sample, showing China’s leadership on the international stage.In this way, “Ant Forest” is highly profitable.However, for participating in this game for the public benefit of the netizens, more consideration is still their virtual trees on the Internet will really be implemented as real trees, therefore, Jack Ma every year to spend a huge sum of money in the desert to plant trees will be tracked and supervised by the relevant units and netizens.In order to accelerate economic development, China, like most countries in the world, has paid the price of sacrificing the environment for a certain period of time.In the long run, however, this is clearly not a good deal.Accordingly, economic benefit and ecological benefit catch both hands became inevitable.At this time, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, set a good example with green finance.In 2016, the Public sector of Alipay officially launched a new public welfare mini program named “Ant Forest”.According to the rules of the game, Alipay users can exchange a portion of their emissions reduction actions for virtual “green energy,” which is usually calculated based on the amount of carbon saved by the actions.In exchange for this “green energy,” users can grow virtual trees in the mini-program.When a virtual tree is fully grown, users can apply to plant a real tree in a desertification area in northern China, or protect a corresponding area of protected land.Once the application is submitted, Ant Forest and its nonprofit partners will take care of it.In this way, users can also contribute to increasing greening and protecting the earth without leaving home.Both sides will benefit from it.However, while most people are playing Ant Forest as a social mini-game, Ma has already made a big move with it.For any Internet company, the most important thing to reflect its business value is not the total number of users of its APP but the number of daily active users.The latter can be simply understood as the total number of people logging in to the APP every day, representing the retention of new users.Companies are racking their brains to increase that number.Alipay, with more than 500 million users, is no exception.At that time, Ma came up with the idea of adding social functions to Alipay to allow users to interact with each other and use alipay more frequently.Ant Forest is one such attempt.As a result, Ant Forest had more than 200 million registered users in the first six months of its launch, far surpassing most of the small programs on the market.The number of daily active users on Alipay also increased by nearly 40% compared with ant Forest before it was launched.When “Ant Forest” and collection of blessing activities are tied together, and gradually online “co-planting” project and “public welfare forest” project, Alipay not only ushered in greater user activity, but also with more brands to implement win-win cooperation.In this way, Alipay gains greater commercial value from ant Forest.At the same time, because ant Forest can realize the transformation from virtual tree to real tree, giving users a great sense of accomplishment, Alipay has also gained greater recognition and better reputation.It’s a virtuous circle.Ma Yun’s green finance practice with ant Forest has also been praised by the state and even the United Nations, which helps him to become a well-known entrepreneur and have greater influence.Any good project should not only have a good start, but also a good implementation process and results.The same is true of ant forests.The transition from virtual tree to real tree is being closely monitored by the Office of the National Green Council, the China Green Foundation and ordinary users.By September 2020, ant forests had planted more than 223 million trees in China, covering 3.06 million mu of forest land.Data show that when these plants reach maturity, combined with wind prevention and sand fixation, climate regulation, carbon fixation and oxygen release, water conservation and other evaluation indicators, they contribute to the total ecosystem production of more than 11 billion yuan.In 2021, entrusted by the China Green Foundation, relevant units also carried out the inspection and acceptance of ant Forest project construction again.By August 2021, ant forest had helped more than 600 million people live low-carbon lives, and with the help of eight public welfare partners, 326 million trees had been planted in 11 provinces, including Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia, covering an area of 3.97 million mu.In this project, users can choose between planting areas and tree types provided by the program.11 provinces are no longer mentioned, the choice of trees are caragana korshinskii, Haloxylon ammodendron, sea buckthorn, Salix psammophyllum, Chinese pine, Populus euphratica, Spruce, Chinese pine, Platycladus platycladus, Pinus tabulaeformis, mountain apricot, mountain peach, elm, fir, pinus elliottii, etc.Some of them have just been planted, while others have grown from saplings to trees.But in any case, through the satellite cloud images in the desert to see the green spectacular, or every time can bring people great shock and comfort.Summary: It has been more than 5 years since the ant Forest project was launched in 2016.Ma has long since retired, but the project to plant trees in the desert, which he approved, is still going on.Fortunately, due to the inspection and acceptance of relevant units and the tracking of netizens, this project has not lost its most important public nature after realizing its commercial value, and has always made outstanding contributions to the protection of vegetation and increase of greening.This is also a contribution to China, to the world and to mankind.