Qinyuan police seriously implement safety hidden trouble big investigation big rectification action

2022-06-25 0 By

Yellow River News Network Changzhi news (reporter promotion correspondent Zhang Yu) recently, Qinyuan County public Security Bureau in the county opened security hidden trouble big investigation big renovation activities.Chishi Bridge police station to keep up with the pace, the organization of the police to seriously implement the safety hidden trouble big investigation big rectification action, effectively prevent and eliminate the occurrence of all kinds of cases.The picture shows: police seriously check security risks to strengthen public security management.One is to organize the police to deliver logistics, schools, hospitals, explosion-related units, financial enterprises and other key units to carry out safety inspection.The inspection focused on checking whether the documents of the express delivery industry were complete, whether the mail items were registered with their real names, and whether the received and mailed items were checked out of the box. The person in charge of the delivery industry was told to strictly implement the real-name registration system and report suspicious items to the public security organ in time.Checked the civil explosive articles registration and management ledger of explosion-related units in detail, learned about their warehousing registration, transportation, storage and use, and put forward rectification suggestions for problems found in time;Check the financial and other industries on duty and technical measures to implement the situation, require all industries to do a good job during the Spring Festival safety prevention work, strictly during the Spring Festival on duty and strengthen prevention work, implement various systems, to ensure the internal safety and order.The second is to go deep into the area of villages, villa dens, key places of the road to investigate and repair the hidden dangers, the hidden dangers eliminated in the bud.Strengthen fire control management.Organize the police to carry out fire safety inspection on the small shops, small restaurants and other nine small places and gas stations and other key industries.Check the equipment and use of fire fighting facilities, and spot check the use of fire fighting equipment by employees;Urge the person in charge of the industry to strengthen fire awareness, improve the Spring Festival fire awareness.We will strengthen the propaganda work against electric fraud.In order to effectively protect the “money bag” of the people, the police went deep into the area of shops, enterprises, personnel crowded places face to face propaganda against electricity fraud.Through to the masses and the staff issued publicity materials, types, characteristics and anti cheat on telecom fraud techniques and prevention knowledge, promote the “stability” small program are introduced, and guide the masses to download “compression” and the national center for anti cheat official APP, deepening the electric cheat propaganda work, jurisdiction and improve the mass anti cheat cheat ability.Through the inspection of security risks, further eliminate the area of security risks, enhance the area of the people’s awareness of security, for the Spring Festival during the area of social order stability laid a solid foundation.