Fuquan Wangka village embroiders “tiger” embroiders “fu” to welcome the Spring Festival

2022-06-26 0 By

Report from our newspaper (reporter Lu Taiming correspondent Hu Chunlin Fan Kaihui) Lunar New Year’s Eve, Fuquan City Xianqiao township Wang Ka village miao people gathered together, playing lusheng, glutinous rice cake, writing Spring Festival couplets, embroidered “tiger” embroidery “blessing”, in the laughter to welcome the New Year.Wangka village is an ethnic minority village with a population of 2,358 people in 588 households of 6 village groups.Zi ba is the highlight of the Miao people’s Spring Festival celebration.After steaming glutinous rice over a high fire and pouring it into a mortar, the two men hit glutinous rice cake with a special mallet.The hammer rises and falls, and a trough of glutinous rice is beaten until it is thick and pliable, emitting a sweet smell.The villagers put the thick flavor into the soft glutinous glutinous glutinous rice cake, written into the auspicious Spring Festival couplets.In the laughter, share the joy of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, full of hope to welcome the New Year.Playing lusheng and dancing, the Miao people express their joy in cheerful songs and dances, expressing their praise for a happy life and their expectation for a better tomorrow.The ingenious Miao women show off their unique skills to create traditional embroidery and batik works with tiger and blessing elements.”This year is the Year of the tiger, SO I embroidered a picture of the tiger to wish our motherland peace and prosperity and hope that the villagers’ industrial development will add wings to the tiger.”Wangka village villager Wang Zhaoguo said.In the process of consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, Wangka village, relying on its advantages in forest resources, tourism resources and ethnic and cultural resources, has actively developed agricultural industries such as radix Stellariae, pepper and ginger, as well as rural tourism and folk batik and embroidery industries to increase local people’s income.Wang Xingguo, party chief branch secretary and village committee director of Wangka Village, said: “The introduction of the new State Development No. 2 document makes us feel very excited.Going forward, we will continue to develop industries and promote rural revitalization.The state’s policies are getting better and better, and our people are living better and better lives.”