Life is about movement, and so are objects, but do you know the secret of how they work

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At present, there are not many popular science books for children of low age, but they are often confined in a corner and difficult to see the whole picture. I think popular science books can best introduce knowledge in a certain field comprehensively and objectively. The Secret of Operation is such a set of popular science books that can help children systematically establish operating cognition.The books are divided into seven volumes, introducing the workings and principles of 140 objects from the perspective of physics and engineering.Take the lunar rover for example. Do you know what kind of vehicle you would need to travel over the barren surface of the moon?You wouldn’t expect a lunar rover wheel to have an unusual shape, given the complexity of the lunar surface, including crevasses, steep slopes, and boulders.When I saw one of the trams, I was deeply attracted, because it reminded me of the scene in the old movies. I believe we all have the same feeling.The world’s first trams appeared in the early 19th century. The old trams got their electricity from overhead cables that ran down electromechanical poles connected to the trolley’s roof.Although the trams seem archaic today, there is always a sense of mood.Children may be most interested in the bulldozer, because my baby has several toy models of the bulldozer, and it seems that the shape of the bulldozer also appeals to children’s attention.Most bulldozers travel on tracks, so they don’t sink into the ground, even on soft ground, because the wide tracks distribute the bulldozer’s weight.4. Super assistant in rescue why this is a set of popular science books suitable for parents and children to read together?Because in the process of reading with our children, we are also increasing our knowledge.Until you read these books, you don’t know that a modern stretcher is a form of transportation. It doesn’t look like it at all, but it is.Although the stretcher is not very fast, it is indeed a high-tech mechanical device.The foot pedals on the stretcher act as hydraulic jacks, using hydraulic pumps to raise or lower the height of the stretcher frame so that the injured person lying on it does not continue to be injured.5. It is a dream of mine to compete in Formula One with great speed and energy. However, I have only heard about it all the time.As one of the world’s top single-seater racing cars, not only the engine used by the designer is regulated, but also the length, width, height and other details of the body are regulated.The “formula” refers to the manufacturing specifications that a car must comply with.Why were the first bicycles designed with big and small wheels?It may seem uncomfortable and dangerous, but it has its advantages.Since sprockets had not been built in those days, the only way to speed things up was to make the front wheels bigger;And the big wheels push through holes and ruts in the ground, giving the rider a smoother ride.7. Bring cool equipment to exercise It is the time of the Winter Olympics, I believe that combined with the winter Olympics events seen on TV, children will have a strong interest in winter skiing.He is sure to explore why skiers can jump, land and slide down rails on their skis.This set of reading materials has more than 600 cartoon drawings, structure drawings, photos and other pictures. The text is simple and easy to understand, which can fully stimulate children’s interest in and exploration of scientific principles, cultivate and enhance children’s scientific literacy and scientific thinking. It is very suitable for children to read independently or with parents.